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W.D. In a backward cap staring at the camera through big black frames.

Studying art, culture, science, and politics from a Modern Black Southern Womanist perspective. Primarily concerned with themes and theories that need the application of the humanities; specifically history, philosophy, and ethics to contribute to an inclusive, accessible, and dynamic afro-american-futurism. Examining intersectionality, reframing narratives, and making informed, creative space for complexity is my main jam. Storytelling is my favorite weapon. And reality is my play-doh.

"Addressing Anthropocentrism" by W. D. Herstun with a tree as the image all in black and white.

Currently examining the ways we can be in better relationship with each other and the planet in manners that slay subjugation and uplift equity & joy in my summer research project, Addressing Anthropocentrism.

Covering everything from motivation to music to fashion. Essays, prose, or blog posts that contemplate… Anything. 

Audre Lorde says that poetry is necessary. And I tend to agree. Some of these are co-written, some are solo, all are political.

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The Herstun Writer, Blog dedicated to humanity and thought with two planets and a group of unindetified humans lingering.

The  Writer is a blog started in the community in 2018 and edited by WD. It is dedicated to humanity, perspective, and thought. The topics covered are vast but the goal is to learn new things and grow as communicators while laughing along the way. Most of the writers are amateurs but we have been blessed with visuals from global artists. Read more about the Herstun Writer here.

Notice! The Writer has been operating so long that we need HUGE updates to many posts. The GIFs are gone, or the story is not accessible. Please bear with us, as we continue to be under construction. 

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A Note From Me:

– Being independent means there is no ceiling on what I get to study. It gives me the ultimate interdiscplinary freedom. 

– It also means I do not have the protection of the academy. If you use my intellectual work, then citing me helps build my reputation. 

Building my reputation will help me grow from a junior scholar to the next level. So, I cite liberally, and I ask you do the same.

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Hear To Slay image to introduce the podcast

Hear to Slay is the Black feminist podcast of your dreams—compelling conversations curated in only the way Black women can. Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom offer uncommonly incisive reads of the politics that shape the world we live in and the popular culture we consume. So far it is my fave podcast of the year.


On Deck: The Professor Is In with Karen Kelsky & Kel Wienhold; Fierce Love with Rev Jacqui Lewis

Currently Reading


The Selected Works of Audre Lorde Edited by Roxane Gay.

It is my first time sitting with a collection full of Audre Lorde. And it is an exquisite journey. I look forward to each selection more than the last.


On Deck: Thick by Tressie McMillian Cottom; Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay; Difficult Women by Roxane Gay; Kindred by Octavia Butler; The Heart of a Woman by Maya Angelou; Race for Profit by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

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