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We all check out the number of stars a recipe receives whenever we google something new. Well, I’m going to add my spin to that process by rating the recipes I try according to this criteria:

Recipe Grading Criteria.001

1 — If I give a recipe a score of 1 then I just did not have good luck with it or it was not worth the effort for the output. For example, I made cupcakes that I scored a 1. Partially, it was my fault because of mistakes I made (you can check out the post here) but either way, I would have been better of buyin’ a box mix so I score the recipe 1! But you could still try it and have better than luck than I did!!

3 — Most grocery stores have pre-made versions of everything from sushi to rotisserie chicken to bakeries filled with every pastry imaginable! These recipes are better than all of those items. For example, I made flour tortillas that turned out absolutely amazin’! They were way better than anything I have ever had pre-made at H-E-B, Publix, Kroger, or Wally’s! I scored that recipe a 4 because it was that much better BUT not a 5 because I have had better and more consistent flour tortillas at restaurants before. 

5 — Make it! Make it! Make it! Ding, ding, ding. This recipe was pretty easy to follow or it was definitely worth the trouble and it will change your mind about ordering it the next time you go out to eat because… You can make it better, duh. For example, this handrolled pasta recipe changed my life. I now turn my nose up at boxed noodles and laugh at Olive Garden. The recipe is THAT good. 5 ++.

Always feel free to add your own grade to a recipe in the comments. I want to know what you think!!

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