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August 10, 2017

I have absolutely no formal training in cooking. Never spent any money on a class or anything outside of a cookbook or magazine here or there. I have two main goals in my kitchen:

  1. Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality
  2. Know Exactly What I’m Eating

My recipe reviews are not intended to be followed as you cook. Rather they will just let you know my experience making the food. At the beginning of each post I will strive to provide a straightforward pdf file with the step-by-step recipe.

Because I am always cooking on a budget I have to decide where to spend my money. I don’t locally source my ingredients. I buy what I find on sale and try to choose organic when I can. I do attempt to favor chain grocers that use local distributors but you won’t find me sampling lobster recipes or any cuts of meat that cost more than $20 for a family of four.

Sugar is all over my blog. Its unfortunate in some ways because diabetes is a genetic problem for me and it probably will be for my daughter. My personal goal is to only consume the sweets that I make. I want to see every granule of sugar that goes in my body with my own two eyes (ok alcohol doesn’t count here folks. Lol.) So, there will be a ton of baking on my blog even though savory is definitely my favorite.

I am a historian by trade and my favorite thing about food is that it is a shared experience. Every person in the world has to eat and every culture has a traditional way of doing it. The chefs I watch on TV like Bobby Flay and Ina Garten are almost like magicians that turn really basic, raw things into masterpieces that are nourishing and filling.

I do not strive to be a professional, I only want to be good enough to provide my daughter with some of the traditions and memories that I have with food and cooking. Being a military family means we move a lot. It’s comforting to know that every place we go will have a kitchen with a stove. <3

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