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I grew up in a family surrounded by amazing cooks. We have deep roots in Georgia and there are endless memories eating my granny’s homemade biscuits and chicken dressing, my momma’s creamy grits, or my aunt’s homemade boiled peanuts. Whenever we ventured outside of north Georgia and further down into the deep south, there was a tasty treat in store.

When at home in the suburbs of metro Atlanta, my mom made halfway homemade meals with uninspiring ingredients to appease my meat and potatoes father. In hindsight, they were truly a disgrace considering my mom’s talents in the kitchen.

Meat and Potatoes Guy
This is my dad whenever my mom offered him pasta, sushi, tacos, or anything involving fresh ingredients or vegetables.

But, her sister married a Jamaican man. Her nuptials unleashed a continent of flavor. My new Uncle’s diverse palette meant that we were the guniea pigs of Auntie’s expanding recipe portfolio (including some truly inspired desserts). And mom even got to experiment with a more accepting audience than Mr. Po-Tay-Toe.

Aunt Lisa’s Fourth of July Fruit Tart

So, naturally my kitchen is a mixture of all of these things and more. I think that a lot of people underestimate how intimidating cooking can be. Sometimes its scary to step in the kitchen and try new things, despite being raised around it and enjoying cooking. [Insert ‘this is like life’ metaphor]. I am a home cook. Not an accomplished chef. Ain’t no training that can’t be found on cable television or via tasty videos on social media. No special classes or instruction here.


Regardless, I have decided to challenge myself to #CookSomethingNewDammit. I have reached a breaking point with our mundane meal rotation. Perhaps, I’ve reached a breaking point with my mundane stay-at-home mom life too.

Furthermore, I will accomplish this feat WITHOUT BUYING ANY NEW KITCHEN EQUIPMENT. [Check out my page about what’s in my kitchen]. That’s right. Not because I’m not itching to stock my kitchen with all the neatest gadgets. But I’m a full time mom which pays exactly zero dollars in real money.

SO, I’m about to try to change my life/menu… with what I already have. [Insert praying hands]. May the force be with me.

Let’s go ahead and get our wrists twistin’ like it’s stir fry. I’m ready to start cooking up something new in the kitchen and maybe in life.

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