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2019 Book Reviews Coming!

February 11, 2019

Reading is one of my passions. There is absolutely no better way to learn about the world than through books, literature, and words. I am convinced. Of course, as a writer, I am also kind of a suspect source for such input. 😂

 2019 Reading Challenge — 75 Books — Sharing 27 of those titles with the blog below. If you are interested in what else I’m reading than contact me!


@barackobama inspired all but a few of my coming reviews this year! I can’t wait to learn something new with these authors.

The following books will be the ones I use to accomplish part of my reading goals this year. The most expensive book is around $16 and the cheapeast is $10.

I plan on blogging about the books and writing more formal reviews as I go but I will also be purchasing MOST of them on the Kindle app so if you have Goodreads than you can follow along more closely!

The Non-Fiction Group 1 — The State of Being Alive

The Non-Fiction Group 2 — Spectacular People & Stories

Fiction! — The Fun Stuff

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  1. “Lifetime student of the universe…” Wait. There’s such a thing as that? Ah yes, there is. Me too. Love the tag! It’s grand.

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