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February 16, 2019

This is my first real ‘behind-the-process’ post. Bear with me as I grow because vulnerability in public spaces is an adjustment. Until now most of my career has been in intelligence and ghost writing. Two industries decidedly good at keeping secrets. I am almost three years out of the service and two months out of my last ghostwriting contract. I’m attempting to create something new for myself and my future.

For a long time I wondered what exactly I wanted out of the universe besides learning everything I possibly could. How do I share all the worlds and dimensions of thought that swing through my head? How can these things sustain me? Creating Herstun has been a challenge but it has also taught me what I am capable of. Developing services and fee structures and invoices based on my work has been so different than my previous entreprenurial expereinces for some reason. No cause to hide who you are. It is really cool to see my logo, my name, my ideas on something. I guess it feeds some egotistical part of me but it also just feels right.

Everyone has a purpose in life. I’m absolutely terrified to write/walk in mine. I hope to develop Herstun into a small firm of writers that cater to all writing and content needs digitally. From technical writing, to business writing, to content writing, and fiction; I want to write it all.

The very first things that I have learned about starting something is getting used to failing. I have failed and been denied and floundered on repeat for the last three months with Herstun alone. But Herstun is my fourth site idea. I have pitched myself on one theme or another so many times. I have coded no less than thress seperate ssites and began researching entrepreneurship in the service. I started freelancing immediately after the Army but nothing has held true, other than my pursuit of seemingly random knowledge. Herstun feels right. And while I can focus on the negative for days ata time, the truth is that I have had small wins too. Tiny, itty bitty, miniscule victories that fuel me.

These tiny victories and my big visions keep me grinding every single day and night. Whether I am reading, writing, or watching something it is always about establighing myself as a better writer. If writing is my purpose then becoming a better writer means establishing myself as a better me. Out-loud and for all to see.

Damn, it feels good.

I hope you all follow and enjoy the journey.

#BehindTheProcess #AlwaysUneditedfor24

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