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Is Beauty Skin Deep?

February 24, 2019

Is Beauty Skin Deep?

“Beauty is skin deep” is an adage that has been around as long as I’ve been born it seems. But is beauty really skin deep? If so, then why do men and women focus a lot of attention on the physical appearances their spouse bring to the table? If beauty is skin deep, why do those with darker skin complexions get “picked on” for being highly melanated?

Senegalese/French beauty, Khoudia Diop

Although I believe that beauty is skin deep, it’s hard for me to understand why some people say that and then proceed to judge someone based on their physical characteristics. Someone can be unappealing on the outside but have an inside and heart full of gold- would they still be considered not to be beautiful? Although it happens quiet often, who are we to judge anyone based on the way they look?

Chasing superficial beauty can cause one to end up with someone who exceeds their expectations as a physical specimen, yet makes them miserable as it relates to a relationship as a whole. Despite models being glorified for their nice bodies and pretty faces, beauty comes in many shapes, forms, colors, sizes, etc. I challenge us all to stop judging a book by its cover and actually take the time to comprehend the information on the inside of the book.

You may find that the interior doesn’t match the exterior or that the content doesn’t contain anything you’d be interested in. Beauty is taken so seriously in the world that people are going to the extent to buy beauty… literally! Fake bodies, fake hair, fake nails, etc. are used to cover up the way people are uniquely made- no two people have the same body (with the exception of some rare circumstances), we all have our own DNA.

Truth be told, I feel that beauty can’t be purchased, it has to already be in you! Beauty products and things of that nature only boosts one’s self-esteem but it cannot and will not truly cover up what qualities we’ve all been blessed with! Implants alters one’s body, however; with it not being natural occurrences to the body- they will only be effective for so long. Is beauty really worth putting your life on the line? I think not, especially considering that beauty is truly skin deep! I don’t expect everyone to think in the manner in which I think, nevertheless, I do think it will strike some interesting conversations to say the least! Don’t let beauty own you, own the beauty!

Beacause Milt the Gr8 said it. #Salute

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  1. This is a great piece. Unfortunately, we live in a superficial society and we are inundated with false perceptions of beauty. Most of what is placed in mainstream media are altered looks that a lot of people strive to mimic.
    Further, this society-accepted outer beauty seems to be what people consider as a tool to get money and success. All that being said, I think people are fixated on the outer and forget that there is so much more to a person and as a result fall into meaningless relationships and situations that could have been avoided if they look beyond the outer.

    1. Thank you! I totally agree with everything you’ve mentioned, especially with society and people in general being fixated on the outer shells of people instead of what they have to offer internally. Very well said & I appreciate you for taking the time out to read my piece and leave feedback! You have a beautiful perception on exactly why beauty is skin deep!

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