Energy and Vibrations

I strong-heartedly believe that you get out of life what you put in. Meaning if you put negative energy into the world then expect to receive negative energy back, in most instances. The same is true with positive energy. (Of course there are instances when negative energy is reciprocated with positive energy and positive energy is reciprocated with negative energy, but what would life be if everything went as planned?) It is important to have a strong core at the center of it all so when you’re exerting positive energy and someone approaches you with negative energy, you’re able to stick with your strong positive energy. As time goes on you will learn to feel the vibrations from the person you’re communicating with. Even if they’re speaking with the upmost confidence and just so happen to be lying- you will have an uneasy feeling in your gut or have the knowing ability to detect a lie!

Hearts can be broken and minds misled but rarely does gut instinct lead one wrong!

What I have personally found beneficial is to not bust them right there on the spot, yet let them carry on with their foolishness and act accordingly. A hit dog hollers every time, so why even hit it? Detour around them to avoid messing up your space, timing, and whatever else you may have going for yourself. No need to make a scene or anything of that nature, instead take what you know for what it is and keep going with your life. Why waste your time, energy, and effort going back and forth with someone that you already know is not on the same wavelength as you? Time waits on no one, no need to involve yourself with negative energy or a negative space because all of that is truly just a waste of time. Time is one of the few things that can NEVER be replaced.

Take whatever detours you need to take to avoid wasting your time!

Why feed yourself negative energy from a negative person if you’re trying to truly be positive vibes only? People often times confuse me being laid-back and nonchalant as not caring about the issue at hand, however; that’s all the way wrong. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I don’t care to mess up the positive place I’m at to stoop down to someone who is being negative. We all have to do what’s best for us at the end of the day, knowing the way I feel about positive energy and vibrations, I choose not to involve myself in anything that I feel may be negative. Having the mindset that I have, in this cold, cruel world- I’m able to take the positive from everything and see light in every situation. I find myself learning from negative situations that I placed myself in and I make sure to take notes, so I never put myself in such a predicament again. Life naturally already has enough failures, why beat ourselves up about it when life continues to go on? If we spent all of our time focusing on the negative, we would never see the positive in life. The Golden Rule is one of the most important things I take with me everywhere I go, regardless of how those around me may treat me.

Confucius is the Chinese philosopher credited for the creation of the Golden Rule. 

Treating others how you want to be treated is the foundation of positive energy and vibrations throughout the universe. Regardless of what a person may say or do to you, if you treat them how you wish to be treated I can almost guarantee you that you will reap benefits from it in the long run. “What goes around, comes around,” is another popular adage that ties hand-in-hand with the Golden Rule. If you treat others like the scum beneath your shoe, then one day that scum will re-enter your life in the same fashion that you dished it out. On the flip side, if you treat someone like gold regardless of what they may have said or done then when it comes your turn to be treated like gold, you will be royal! Being the bigger person is not always the easiest thing, but I have found it ALWAYS worth it! I have never been in a fist fight in my life and I credit that to my unwilling canniness to always take the high road and be the bigger person.

You’re bigger and better than that… it takes a special person to be the bigger person!

Being the bigger person allows me to truly assess situations and problems at hand while also being in tune with one’s true colors and actions. I know this is not for everyone, but I’m an alpha male and I’m so centered with myself that it will never be worth it to cause great bodily harm or injury to someone simply because we disagree on some things. I feel that me being that way plays a role on why no great bodily harm or injury has been done to me! Positive energy and vibrations are essential in today’s society… stay positive my friends!


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The dialect of a true, southern gentleman with a splash of various cultures. Life experiences has taught me to focus on the positive aspects of every situation and spread positive vibes only! Milt The Great is an agent of change and truly a voice for the people... no two people are just alike, however; we can all learn to accept one another just as we are and act accordingly. I’m happy to say I’m highly educated, yet modest enough to know that I still have a whole lot more to learn! Throughout each of our own life experiences, we can all grow and learn through and from one another! So what truly makes Milt The Great is exactly what makes us all great- living life to the fullest and always being open to learn! It’s important to be able to receive knowledge, just as much as it is share it! -Milt The Great

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  1. Thank you so much, great inspiring read. I feel energy all the time and it’s tiring for me dealing with them.
    I wrote a piece On Energy pls feel free to have a read.
    Thank you again I enjoyed your blog 😊

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