Heavy Rotation — 2018 Albums on Repeat

I have always loved music. [Read how much music matters to me here.] But, being a stay-at-home parent has changed the way that I listen. I remember racing through aisles at the local store to grab an album the DAY it hit the shelves. I can’t always get to albums as soon as they drop and technology has made getting music as easy as a monthly subscription. [I love Apple Music.] When I was younger, YouTube was the main place to discover new artists. I’ll admit that I haven’t devoted the time I should to SoundCloud, the new music behemoth. I still look for new acts on YouTube but without the hours to devote to getting lost in musical rabbit holes.

Now that I’ve started a site devoted to the arts, I am going to make an effort to cover a variety of musicians and rappers– from my favorites, to people I’m not the fondest of, to people virtually unheardof.

A large part of my area of study is the humanities. The humanities can almost literally be translated into the study of beautiful things created by humanity. There is so much beauty in hip-hop and rap. Even where you may have been taught not to look. So much pain and so much joy. The lives and triumphs of a people; however brief or limiting the window can be, it’s fascinating and worthy of genuine study.

I hope that by sharing my perspective, some people that may never listen will gain some understanding into the artists, the cultures they represent, or their point view. Simultaneously, if you know the artists, then maybe you can suggest someone new for me to bump or just enjoy a different take.

Over the past six months I have had some albums in heavy rotation. These artists have all put out projects that make me come back over and over again. I hope that you find parts of them to enjoy or learn from.

2018 Albums in Rotation

When I need to relax or unwind —

East Atlanta Love Letter


Fave Track: “Scripture”

When I need to feel capable and upbeat —

Dirty Computer

Janelle Monae

Fave Track: “Django Jane” or “I Like That”

(Janelle Monae makes amazing music videos. She’s an artist through and through.)

when I need to focus —


J. Cole

Fave Track: “Motiv8” or “1985”

When I need to take on the world —

Big K.R.I.T. Essentials Playlist (On Apple Music)

Big K.R.I.T.

Fave Track: “Country Shit” or “I Got This”

(This is one of the best playlists I have found on Essentials in Apple Music.)

When I need inspiration —

Carter V

Lil Wayne

Fave Track: “Dark Side of the Moon” or “Dope N****s”

when i need to be alone —

I Used To Know Her


Fave Track: “Could’ve Been”

when i am cooling down after a long mom-day or workout —

Love Train 2


Fave Track: “Truth Vol 2”

So these are the artists and songs that keep me inspired to write and powered up through long nights of art history and antiquity. I view a lot of these artists as treasures and talents as special as the artifacts I’ve devoted my life to enjoying. I look forward to a few of them being my first album reviews and setting the standard for the albums I listen to next.

Honorable Mentions — Projects I loved but don’t repeat as often or artists that need new projects but that stay popping up in my mind to replay.

  1. Victory Lap — Nipsey Hustle
  2. Championships — Meek Mill
  3. Stereotypes — Black Violin — Released in 2015
  4. “Money” — Single — Cardi B


Apple Music — Big K.R.I.T.’s Essential Playlist creator, source of all album art.

All artist names are linked to Twitter to give reader an idea of social popularity.

All song titles are linked to corresponding YouTube videos of the song.

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      1. šŸ˜‚ no list is ever long enough šŸ˜‚ umm if you haven’t heard Oxnard by Anderson Paak if suggest that! If you’re into old hip hop off suggest The Score by The Fugees as well!

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