Meet Mai Stiles

Does what you wear tell your story?

Can someone know who you are based solely off of your appearance alone?

Can what you wear impact how you feel about yourself and the world around you?

Is Fashion that important?

While I was in high school in Atlanta, GA every time I left the house everything had to be in place. No hair strand lead astray, no shoe string untied, and no shirt untucked. That discipline aided when I joined the military where I met my husband and started our family. 

I can’t pinpoint one point in time where I fell in love with fashion, I just know that I enjoyed the feeling that clothing gave me. I enjoyed being flashy and well put together. Even when there were times that my parents couldn’t afford the latest trends it gave me the opportunity to be creative.

I soon realized that style had nothing to do with labels or what’s hot, but essentially how well you put things together for yourself and how it made you feel. I was extremely shy growing up so what I wore was my conversation starter, it gave me the opportunity to express myself without uttering a word.

What you wear is how the world sees you.

As I grew older, I soon realized that it was impossible for me to be well put together every time I stepped out the door. It was simply unrealistic. Especially with the world being so heavily influenced by social media it is simply impossible for everyone to get it right, when there are so many opinions.

I don’t think that one person can dictate what is in or out.

Fashion is all about perspective and also realizing that not one thing is going to be the same. For example, a pair of jeans can be worn 10 different ways, who’s to say that the way you wear your jeans is wrong? There isn’t just one way when it comes to fashion.

So, I am here to give you MY opinion of what I LIKE, DISLIKE, trends that need to just go away and never come back along with fashion bloggers and celebrities who influence me.

I may certainly throw in a few things that I am currently wearing, how I’d rock certain trends, and more. Come join the ride, this is going to be fun.

And maybe some of Mai Stiles can become yours. 



Written by Mai Stiles & W.D. Herstun

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Mai Stiles’ is one of Herstun’s Finest. A fashion writer that has traveled all across the United States but currently lives in Georgia with her husband, her sister-in-love, and two smaller children. Stay tuned for more from Mai Stiles.


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