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Meet Milt the Gr8

March 17, 2019

The dialect of a true, southern gentleman with a splash of various cultures.

Life experiences has taught me to focus on the positive aspects of every situation and spread positive vibes only! Milt the Gr8 is an agent of change and truly a voice for the people… no two people are just alike, however; we can all learn to accept one another just as we are and act accordingly.

I’m happy to say I’m highly educated, yet modest enough to know that I still have a whole lot more to learn! Throughout each of our own life experiences, we can all grow and learn through and from one another! So what truly makes Milt The Great is exactly what makes us all great- living life to the fullest and always being open to learn! It’s important to be able to receive knowledge, just as much as it is share it!



Written, Edited, & curated By Milt the Gr8

curated by Milt the Gr8

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