The Power of Resiliency

The Power of Resiliency

Being resilient can take you an extremely long way! Resilient is defined as being able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. The familiar adage “never let them see you sweat” truly comes into play during moments of resiliency. You never know who looks up to you or generates the strength that they have from the positive vibrations and energies that you radiate. Imagine reaching your breaking point and giving up on something and a person of the younger generation was looking up to you. Now they too may all of sudden reach their breaking point and quit in the exact same manner in which you quit. Not only have what you done affected you as a whole, but you’ve also steered someone who looks up to you down a path difficult to recover from.

It’s easy to get on the path of failure but it’s extremely hard to get off! Failure does something to us psychologically… ONLY if we allow it! Just as we learn many lessons while succeeding, we should also learn lessons when we fail. Take note on some things you know you did wrong and can correct in the near future to avoid future failures. Never let a mistake or failing a couple of times discourage you from the fact that you can truly do anything you put your mind to! If you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes to get it! It may not happen as soon as you want it to but as long as you continue having faith and being resilient with everything that you do, everything that you deserve will eventually make its way to you.

Resiliency makes you stronger in moments of failure instead of fragile! Being resilient allows you to learn lessons regardless if you pass or fail. Resiliency is learning to adapt to any situation at any given time. There have been many of bad situations that I have placed myself in but I have always been resilient enough to know that even when I’m at my lowest point, it can only go up. I learned lessons at my lowest points that I wouldn’t have learned if I wasn’t at such a low point in my life. I used those low points and lessons to propel myself forward! Using those same experiences and lessons I learned to not place myself in such a position EVER again.

The first time I make a mistake I look at it as a learning experience, in order to keep my mind moving in a resilient fashion. Now if I make the same mistake multiple times, that’s when it becomes a problem! In life we learn to take the good with the bad because not all times will be good times. I’ve found that those who have the thickest skins are able to remain the same whether times are good or bad. What is going on around you should never deter your character and how you act. Regardless of what may happen around you, you should always be true to yourself. Never stoop to the levels of those that are beneath you but also never throw shade at those you know who are a league above you. Find out what they did to get them to that point and model within yourself so you can also reach such a point. Being resilient causes one to not have limits because they already expect the best out of themselves. However, expecting the best doesn’t always mean that you’re going to get the best! That’s where being resilient kicks in once again because a resilient individual can expect the best and end up short of their goal but still take it in stride because they now know of other strategies that can be used to get them to the point they’re trying to get to! Stay resilient my friends, it ALWAYS pays off in the long run!



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