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Mom Jeans? But Why.

March 21, 2019

I know mom jeans are making a comeback, but not with me. I’m not ready to pull out my Levi’s 550 just yet. Instead, I find myself in a strange space when it comes to fashion, especially as mom.

Let me take you back.

So my love for fashion really didn’t start until about middle school. This was after years of my mother dragging my sister and I to malls and carefully putting together outfits. I grew to love fashion, because it felt like putting a perfect puzzle together. I played sports, and now the latest catch phrase is, “get you a woman who can do both”…. Well that was me, I would hoop and then after the game I was rocking 4-inch heels.

As fashion trends changed so has my style slightly, but I’ve always loved fashion that shows off my figure. Well, guess what I’ve birthed 4 children. Which brings me to my present day struggle…. how are moms SUPPOSED to dress?

For me it is a true struggle, because I have a pre-teenage daughter watching me, so right now isn’t the BEST time for the “do as I say, not as I do” style parenting. If my daughter sees me wearing shorts that barrreellly cover my cheeks and a low cut shirt, she will then think its appropriate for her to wear. And before you clutch your pearls and say *insert mocking face* “you don’t have to show skin to be sexy”- ma’am I am well aware of that, but I have a great pair of legs, and a decent rack after breastfeeding 4 kids (and STILL nursing a 5 month old) soooo yeh I am going to show it off!

Because it is a rare occasion — (idk why the Family Matters theme song popped up in my head) — that I am out on the town with my husband or friends.

Most days, my time is spent at work, then shuffling my children around for their school or extracurricular activities, so you will likely catch me in a blouse and slacks or skirt. But the weekend is where I struggle, because I don’t want to embarrass my son by showing up in a “MILF MOBB” shirt, but said shirt is super cute and trendy.

Honestly, I haven’t figured it all the way out. For right now, if I’m out with my children you can find me in my “active wear” lol. Aka, I’m dressed like I’m heading to the gym, but my only workout today was getting 5 children dressed and ready to take on the world.

I reserve my daisy dukes (I may be showing my age with that reference) questionable graphic tees or any skin tight bandage dress for nights out on the town with my husbae or girlfriends. Can you relate?

Thanks for rocking with the Queen.

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