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Friday Follower Spotlight — Belinda

March 22, 2019

I admire black people for being brave. I understand what it is like to live between cultures. I am not always Indonesian enough. And I certainly don’t look Chinese enough. And in Australia, I am a student. A brown visitor.


Part of what inspired me to keep pushing on this website journey is the amount of international support that randomly starting beating down my page. I’ve found follower love in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, and all over South America.

This first Friday follower… She probably changed my life and the lives of the people around me without even being aware. That is right. I was inspired by the person behind a keyboard and a screen millions of miles from my reality.

Belinda posted an article about hip-hop from Australia and I got really excited about it. Like. Geeked. Haha. I wrote her back because it isn’t often I find people dissecting rap music to look at lyrics and the artists.


For example, she has an entire post on her page — the Good, the Weird — about NY rapper Young MA!! She wrote all about MA challenging standards of feminism and beauty. Yall. Let me tell you something. (Read Young MA post here.)

(Young MA post on the left; a post about Gospel music on the right)

This woman was born in Indonesia. She is of Chinese descent (like I am of African descent). And in school in Melbourne, Australia, english is a learned language, not her mother tongue… Yet she has a clearer understanding of Young MA than the men in the same state with her!!

Belinda backed that up by writing about the attacks against muslims in New Zealand. She connected that attack with the attack against black churchgoers by Dylan Roof in South Carolina. American media outlets would never claim that truth. That the connection between violent white supremacy is global.

Once again, Belinda is far-far away.

Y’all. This woman loves my people. Loves my culture the right way. Not just throwing on the brands and slinging around the chains for coins. She loves my people and all we have given her to consume are songs, movies, magazines, and books about the rich and famous among us. Or woeful tales of the impoverished or the dead. We are more than the stories of our wealth and the nightmares of our murders.

We are so diverse as a people. And as a country. The experience of black peoples and all peoples in this country are more than Hollywood or the music industry could ever attempt to portray. America has infinitely more depth than President Trump and his cronies let on. America is oversaturated with people who are knowledgeable and that give half a fuck. You just don’t see that reflected well globally.

We are more than what we are showing people… And people still watch. Because we have the technology to broadcast ourselves from here all the way to Melbourne.

It is hard to grasp that. Imagine it. Or undersrtand it. But I know that Belinda is reading y’all. She is reading. She is watching. And millions of other people around the globe that associate with being the ‘underdog’. People who feel like they don’t quite fit, or that their cultures aren’t quite understood. They are watching. They are reading. They are listening to our music. And they are learning. Learning to build the rhythms of their own discord.

Korean rap group Belinda hipped me to called Fanxy Child. They dope.

Influence. And Belinda has lessons to teach me. Perspective to show me. Connections I wouldn’t dare make, she has cemented. I had no idea Soulja Boy was partnering with Chinese rappers. There is an international hip-hop collaborative article coming soon. Haha. She makes me want to learn new languages so we can debate in her mother tongue too. Belinda is the type of follower that deserves a spotlight. I’m thankful she crossed my path. I wondered who on God’s green Earth would read MY words. Well, now I know.

Thanks Belinda. I can’t wait to learn more from you.

Please keep writing. Your voice matters.


Belinda’s IG — https://www.instagram.com/thegoodtheweird/

Belinda’s Blog — https://thegoodtheweird.com

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