Y’all. These Kids Don’t Have JOBS.

So there’s this notion in motherhood that, your children are supposed to be better dressed than you as a mother. And that it’s ok if you walk around looking like a rag doll, as long as your children are well kept. You have minimal standards. You wear sweats, mini-you wears jeans. The world smiles on your mothering skills and ‘sacrifice’.

Well I’m here to say STOP IT.

Yes, as mothers we make sacrifices for our children day in and day out. But as a mom, I had to get to a place where I stopped feeling guilty because I purchased something for myself and not for my children! I mean I already GAVE THEM LITTLE PEOPLE LIFE.

I went to get my hair done and didn’t take my daughter to get hers done as well.

You heard it here on Herstun first! That is RIGHT. I did it. And you know why I no longer feel guilty?? Because MY KIDS AIN’T GOT NO JOB! Yes, you read all the double negatives correctly. I said — They. Ain’t. Got. Nary. A. Job. Among. Them.

Listen, I am never neglectful in my responsibilities to my children, they are typically well dressed (I say typically because my oldest son thinks putting on jeans is wearing something fancy- so yeh). No holes. Clean, matching, well-fitted clothing is on my children the vast majority of the time. They are always fed and access to water is provided. My husband has even given them individual BEDS.

But just because I have on $200 sneakers, doesn’t mean my children need to have the same. For one, their feet are growing and I find it insane to spend $200 for sneakers on children who will wear them for 6 months, if I’m lucky. And for two… you guessed it MY KIDS AIN’T GOT NO JOB!

So guess what, when it comes to mom guilt on this subject matter, ISSA NO for me!

I say (as long as it aligns with your financial goals) —


Also, mom-hack from a pro —

⚠️Throw away the receipt so you won’t be tempted to return it because you feel guilty, only to spend that money on your child(ren).

Let’s work together to eliminate mom guilt.

Thanks for rocking with the Queen.


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9 thoughts on “Y’all. These Kids Don’t Have JOBS.

  1. 🤣🤣🤣 THIS! I never looked at it that way, them things really DONT have a job!!! Thx sis you are so right

  2. I love this! Also, my mum would NEVER buy herself anything nice and now I’m an adult I am finding that I’ve absorbed that and feel guilty if I treat myself (despite the fact I have a full time job). So it’s probably a good thing that they see you sometimes treating yourself as then they won’t feel guilty for spending money their entire life

  3. I have never understood this concept, if for no other reason than the fact, as you point out, that children are still growing at an alarmingly fast rate! You’re constantly having to replace their clothing, so why would you drop a huge amount on something when you can get them something that is more than suitable without breaking the bank, knowing you’ll be replacing it LONG before they will wear it out!

  4. This was hilarious! I’m not a mom myself but I remember growing up my mom didn’t spend a lot of money on us. Hand-me-downs were a thing, and she always said that buying nice things was a waste because we’d grow out of them in a matter of months anyway. Which is completely understandable. My feet have stopped growing, I’d rather buy those $200 sneakers for myself!

    1. Thank you for reading! And your mom is right! Kids grow so quickly and they rarely
      Take care of their clothes so no need to spend a whole lot of money for them! But yes mom deserves $200 shoes!

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