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Just J-A-Z-Z-O

March 23, 2019

My name is Jazzo. Spell it with a double-Z, please.

I am a Taurus, whatever that may mean to you, and I been in Atlanta since ’96.

Fuck signs.

I have wrapped my identity up in writing for as long as I can remember.

It all started in school when I was introduced to creative writing. That quickly led to poetry.

Y’all remember Poetry.com from 2004 to 2006? Yeah… that was just Jazzo. 💪🏿

I been with the same Black Queen since 2014. We have two dogs — 6 year old Prada the Pitbull and 5 year old Fatboy the Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie).

My love for words has blossomed into a manuscript, lyrical compositions, and half a decade of scoial media rants — Developing into a fascination with the ART of writing. An art that I hope to share with you.

Herstun has given me no cap and no filter. From fiction, to poetry, to political commentary, to music. — That’s right, I used to want to be a rapper — I am bringing it all.

Brace yourselves.

Sometimes I’m ratchet, sometimes I am narcississiticly intelligent.

Either way, I am always on point. And when you out there talking about me on your social media…

Make sure to spell it with a double-Z. Please.

Just Jazzo.



Oh. And fuck signs. ✌🏿

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