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Since the first time Jason Terry strolled into Atlanta with the 10th overall pick in the 1999 draft, I have been a die hard Atlanta fan.

I have watched every Hawks season since then including when Coach Budenholzer won 60+ games with one of the most well-balanced squads in Atlanta basketball history.

I have always been a die hard Atlanta fan, and I always will be.

Basketball was my first love and it is my favorite sport. But growing up in my family surrounded by my dad and my uncles I learned to love baseball and football too.

I was there, in front of our brand new big screen TV with the box-shaped backside, when Micheal Vick graced us with dazzling athleticism play after play after play.

When the Braves went to the World Series, my mom made appetizers and invited over friends. My sister told me stories of the big foam tomahawks that were around the house for weeks after the last inning was played.

As you can see — I love sports.

I can turn on a game and enjoy each one — basketball, football, and baseball — just as much as the other.

I played basketball from youth all the way through high school but unfortunately I didn’t put in the amount of work necessary in order to see my game flourish. I was too focused on things that most teenagers invest their time into. Succeeding as as student athlete requires focus, maturity, and discipline at a young age.

Right now in my life I just want an opportunity to do something relative to what I love which is share my opinion with you.

It is dream come true to be apart of such a great site with so many diverse opinions. I am 24 years old and have excelled at giving sports takes based off the facts. I won’t cheat you or make stuff up to validate my opinion. We will break it down here — Games of the week, the best players in each league, and why sports, race, money, and business are all connected. I plan to push myself as a writer and become your favorite sports guy… Young and fly.

So, who are you pulling for?



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3 thoughts on “Young and Fly — The Sports Guy

  1. This is dope. I’m not a huge Atlanta fan but I most definitely respect their fan base. They continue to root for their teams no matter what the situation is.

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