Can Women Really Have It ALL?

My 5 year plans include —

  1. Mercedes G-wagon

2. A 6,000-square-foot home for myself, my husband, and all five of our children

3. Quarterly vacations with my husband. (Without our kids. Major key.)

But more and more I find myself questioning whether these things are even possible?

Or are they all just lofty dreams?

If you’ve being following me, you know I work hard. But sometimes it feels like, with all the balls I juggle, one is bound to get dropped.

And if I happen to drop a ball in one area, my hope is that I’m able to pick it back up quickly without damaging it too badly.

The question I really ask myself —

Can I truly have it all?

What is ‘all’?

Family Not Pictured. 🙄 No mom guilt. Remember.

All for me means a healthy marriage, physically and emotionally whole children, and successful businesses (netting a six figure income). 

I am a Libra.

So my scales NEED to be balanced and fair. — I get thrown-off when I’m goin’ too hard in one area, because I feel like something else may get neglected.

If I go too hard with work and my business —

Are my marriage or kids being neglected?

I am only one person, after all.

But I have recently decided that I can and WILL have it all.


I mean I am the QUEEN! 

So, right now I am working on the how! — Solution-oriented and motivated to make these goals into realities for myself and those that I love. Because…

I want it all.

I deserve it all.

And I’m going to work towards it all.


I look up to women like Keshia Lance Bottoms.

She is married, has four children and is MAYOR of the great city of Atlanta.

And guess what?!

I have the same 24 hours in my day that she does. #Facts

So I’m learning to maximize my time. 

Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have it all.

Because if YOU choose to, then YOU will.

Just keep believing, dreaming, and grinding.

Sometimes you drop a ball here or there, just pick it up and put it back in rotation.

Thanks for rocking with the Queen!

— Live from the —


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