R.I.P to R.I.P.

It’s so cliché nowadays to hear someone say R.I.P. to whomever or Long Live whomever –– That’s sad more than it is anything. We hear it so often that it’s almost second nature to us now, just as well as it is to make a t-shirt in memory of them.

I’m not talking about people who die of natural causes, I’m speaking on people who didn’t deserve to die. The one’s who got their life taken too soon by a coward who wasn’t even man enough to “shoot the one” with hands instead of shooting the one with a gun.

I loved the legendary scene Ice Cube had in Friday when Pops persuaded Craig to put the gun down and fight like a man. That movie was filmed in 1995, yet here it is 24 years later and that scene is oh so prevalent. Deebo and Craig both got the best of each other, but they lived to see another day.

Nowadays it’s almost guaranteed that someone is going to suffer great bodily harm instead of knuckling it up and duking it out.

I hate to see my people resort to deadly force when most issues can be settled with just talking it out like adults are supposed to do; or if it really comes down to it — just knuckling it up and may the best fighter win.

There are children out here carrying weapons that don’t know the first thing about how to hold the weapon, how to clean the weapon, and most of all the consequences that can come behind some of the actions of pulling that trigger.

They don’t know until it’s too late and the judge is basically telling them that they’ll spend the remainder of their life caged up like an animal.

It is then when they want to ask for forgiveness or act like they have some kind of remorse- well after the fact that it’s too late.

Imagine hearing you’re going to be detained for the remainder of your life! That’s a thought I couldn’t even begin to fathom!

I’m sure we all know people whose lives have been taken out of their hands before they even got a chance to live it.

All because some coward wasn’t man enough to address problems like a man! I’m tired of seeing my own people being laid to rest because of senselessness due to actions caused by one another!

How can people be so selfish and take someone’s son, brother, husband, friend, etc.?

It seems like every day there is someone, somewhere losing their life over pure foolishness.

We are talking about people’s lives here people!


If that doesn’t stir something up in you, I don’t know what will!

I am SICK of the words REST IN PEACE!

Especially for someone who didn’t deserve to die and most importantly did not get a chance to live.

R.I.P. to R.I.P.

And Tell ’em Milt the Gr8 said it!


The original words and regular musing of our resident philospher, Milt the Gr8.

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