Please allow me to introduce myself —

I’m in love with alter egos so quite frankly I don’t care what you call me —

Just don’t call me out on my bullshit.

I’m Ree, for relatable purposes.

And I came all the way out here to the web from Ohio to say something.


About Me

I’m a country-city girl.

A classy ratchet.

And a BBW trapped in a big bitches body. (I will let you look BBW up in your spare time).

I’m an unapologetic black girl.

I think I’m funny. — Who else matters?

I’m bisexual with horrible taste in mates.

I’m a broke-single-parent to a BabyBugg.

BabyBugg & MamaBugg

My family is a little different than on the Cosby Show.

I have two very eccentric mothers and a pops and lately pops is a real OG.

NanaBugg & GammaBugg

Basically, if you figure me out before I do, don’t let me know.

I enjoy my alter egos, thank you.

My Aspirations

To be a human safe place, without being anyone’s toxic waste bin.

To perfect blowjobs.

To NEVER date another Virgo.

Because big girls take bathroom selfies too, bitches.

Get drunk without flirting.

Find Wakanda.

Have the healthy, fulfilling sex life 17-year-old me fantasized about.

Make amazonian women “the hype”.

ReeLateably Me

I want to take time to discuss and review life.

With it’s glorified fuckery and stigmas.

From MY measly melanated vantage point in the world.

I hope that you enjoy.

Or at least find me a little #ReeLateable


Original words and musings of herstun’s newest comedy and variety contributor, ree.

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Hello I'm My-Reesha I'm very outgoing, outspoken and SENSITIVE. Yeah.. I know. I'm a single mom raising a non toxic black man. Be aware ☝ that's my happy face. Hey 👋

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