Wednesday Devotional — the Power of Words by HumblyJLee feat. Hazemsdesigns

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in setting of silver.

Proverbs 25:11, English Standard Version

I really like this verse, because it is a beautiful picture of the value of words when spoken at the right time.

Words have value.

They lift other people up. Encourage. They can be precious and so meaningful when spoken at the opprotune moment.

Each word brings out a different emotion.

But as Christians, what words should we share with others?

As Christians, we should ask for our hearts and words to mirror the Lord’s. But we should also pray that the timing of those words be His timing.

Because, what is timing?


The words of a wise man’s mouth win him favor, but the lips of a fool consume him.

Ecclesiastes 10:12, ESV

Wise and kind words are of great benefit on every occasion, and they will even grant us favor.

Righteous lips are the delight of a king, and He loves him who speaks what is right.

Proverbs 16:13, ESV

So the right words, spoken at the proper time could potentially gain favor with ‘kings’ or those in authority. This is expecially true when our words come from the overflow of the heart.

Unfortunately, just the opposite is true for foolish words. Not only will they hinder us, but they could destroy opprotunities for success. I wouldn’t have made it to the corporate black girl that I am without applying these lessons to my daily life.

Success isn’t possible unless we all communicate, both with God and with each other.

Speak God and victory into existence, and then watch them manifest.

Let’s win together.

Humbly. Hustling.

What are YOU manifesting?

Until next time,



Written by HumblyJLee, edited by W. D. Herstun, featuring the amazing Jordanian calligraphy artist, Hazem Kaka.

We are bringing together the globe on Herstun with this devotional. Each piece of art is Arabic calligraphy created to depict emotion and feeling. It is artwork created by the strokes of Arabic lettering, the equivalent of painting a picture using the words from the Bible. We are quite literally depicting the value of words across cultural boundaries.

This type of artwork is extremely important in Muslim culture. Art in Islam focuses on giving praise to Allah via prayer and word, abstaining totally from the depiction of the body.

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Hazem studied Environmental Science, Information & Communication at University in Jordan! He runs a calligraphy company and is EXTREMELY TALENTED freehand and digitally! We can’t wait to continue featuring his designs on Herstun.

HumblyJLee schooled us on being timely with words as Christians. Its Herstun’s hope that we apply spiritual energy to those lessons that will help us gain understanding. Herstun invites the Islamic community and all spiritual communities to join us in our devotional.

To God be the Glory.

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Devotional — the Power of Words by HumblyJLee feat. Hazemsdesigns

  1. Those words touch everything that we talked about this morning and I can agree with them. I love ❤️ you In Jesus name Amen

  2. You’re absolutely right, timing is everything. I believe that when we achieve such success, and get to where we want to be in life we tend to forget about God, the reason for our season. We as people tend to believe time is something we control but we’re wrong, everything is placed in our favor already by God. As you said, success isn’t possible unless we communicate, but a lot of people have that crabs in a bucket mentality, especially minorities. Sometimes helping ones success is just a simple word of encouragement.

    1. Kerrie, you are so right. It’s so easy to forget God, wants he has given you what you prayed for. Encouragement is so needed daily, you never know what someone is going through.

  3. This read was needed today! As humans we tend to want everything right now and lose patience with a slow building process. Patience is virtue.

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