March Madness Takes — One Shining Moment — Who You Got?

The first month of spring is here.

The flowers are beginning to bloom, pollen is rising rapidly, and the sun stays out later and longer.

These abrupt seasonal changes signal one thing in the sports world.

March madness is here.

These kids are putting it all on the line to be remembered in history with the immortal college basketball teams of all time. All competing for that one shinging moment.

We have a variety different type of teams. Duke for example without a doubt is the most talented team left with 3 of the roster being top 5 NBA picks.

North Carolina also has a slew of talent with Cameron Johnson, Nassir Little, and Colby White looking like potential lottery picks as well.

If this tournament was based off talent only, North Carolina and Duke would be on a collision course for a championship showdown.

Not with a struggle though because Virginia and Gonzaga aren’t lacking talent either as every number 1 seed is alive and well.

Unfortunately, these picks are too simple for Young-n-Fly. The number 1 seeds are all a bunch of young talent that just haven’t played long together, in my humble opinion.

I have my eyes on a team that has been through the ups and downs of the tourney and played through fire together for a while.

I truly believe the next NCAA champions will be the Tennessee Volunteers.

I know. I see how you are looking at me.

Hear me out though — They have a perfect blend of talent and experience led by Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield.

Against Iowa they lost a 25 point lead in the second half but were able to weather the storm because of the 2018 tourney loss in the round of 32. They play team ball with the best balanced attack left in tourney with 5 players averaging in double figures.

With a mixture of great shooting and long defenders they will pose a problem to any of those number one seeds I mentioned earlier.

So as we grab our inhalers and allergy medicine gearing up for the spring season–

This weekend will provide many answers to questions that we seek in the realm of March Madness —

Will the number one seeds be able to keep a grip on their brackets?

Will Zion and the other lottery picks be enough to separate them from the pack?

Which lower seed has the best chance to propel its self to a Cinderella ending?

This is the most unpredictable event in the sports realm as there is only 1 perfect bracket left in the world. I can’t answer those questions. All I can predict — Don’t bet against the Volunteers. — They are coming for their moment.

And if they win, go ahead and tell them you heard it first on Herstun with the Young Fly Guy.


Written By — Young-n-Fly Guy Sports Guy. Edited by W. D. Herstun.

Young Fly is our resident sports writer coming form the ATL bringing you sports takes that make you shake, either with laughter or fear from the accuracy. He also lighting up the ATL, quite literally. If you have lighting needs, comment for your guy down below and he will assist you.


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