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Friday Follower Spotlight — Joseph Shackley

March 29, 2019

Welcome back to another follower Friday.

These are quickly becoming some of my favorite posts to write. My journey on Herstun has only been about 9 weeks strong now but I have met some AMAZING people and LEARNED so many things.

Joseph Shackley is a London journalist and family man blogging about being nice.

You heard that right, world.

My guy has an entire website about being and niceness. As a matter of fact, he calls it —


The British are nice. Nice Englishmen. Interesting.

Joseph has created a niceness manual for the world. One in which he goes about thoroughly proving and explaining why a positive approach to the pursuit and application of niceness could be revolutionary.

Last week, in my rapidly diminishing spare time, Joseph and I studied Nietzche together. I am not sure what he was doing on the other side of the pond but my feet were kicked up on my back porch as I perused his writing and took notes to ask questions.

It was like talking to my philosophy professor from college without the tuition.

But never fear, if Nietzche isn’t your philosopher of choice. — (He did have a tremendous popularity with the Nazi Party after death… But in his defense, he was dead, his sister was evil, and Joseph can teach you more. Lol.) — Homeboy is covering all the major philosophies and philosophers on his page and merging them into his own unique pop-philosophy

 … like a philosophy for the post-postmodern world, somewhere between an acceptance and celebration of Freudian determinism, adopting the good faith of early Sartrean positivist existentialism and fusing it with the harmonious Way of the Tao, in the hope of building a fair and equal Marxist/Socialist utopia. And at other times I’ll just chat about stuff that interests me – and how Niceness can help us all feel a bit happier. Because we need to be Nicer to each other – now more than ever.

Joseph Shackley

I understand that philosophy can be dense and not everyone gets into it. But check his page out and show him some love because of what he’s doing.

He didn’t just say that the world needs niceness. He said, I will give the world what it needs. I will share what I know with everyone that I can.

We need more good people like that in the world, in my opinion. Folks willing to say, then do. Rather than just criticize. We don’t all have to study philosophy.

But maybe we should at least listen — critically, of course — when someone else does.

I hope the world gets a little nicer because I shared his work with everyone I could.

I can’t wait to keep learning with you, Joseph, and thank you for being a part of our Follower Friday this week on Herstun.

We see you out here grinding and we need you to keep writing. We are watching.


Written & Edited by W. D. Herstun

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