Racism + Football [FÚTBOL] — English National Team Qualifiers in UEFA Euro 2020

*Football = FÚTBOL = Soccer

Nowadays international football games are becoming the target of racist activities.

Danny Rose
English Left Back

Recently on the Euro 2020 Qualifications, England has been the target of abuse, like in Montenegro. —

English national player, Danny Rose, received a monkey chants from the Montenegro fans. The UEFA [ Union of European Football Associations ] has been taking charge regarding the racism that occurred during the game, where England was the victor scoring 5 goals to Montenegro’s 1.

Raheem Sterling
English Winger & Midfielder

“We can only bring awareness and light to the situation. It’s now time for the people in charge to put a real stamp on it. You’ve got to punish people a bit harder, you’ve gotta do something that makes them think twice.” — R. Sterling

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling has been the centred of the media, even before the World Cup in 2018, due to the gun tattoo that he got to remember his father.

Callum Hudson-Odoi

Footage of Callum Hudson-Odoi in 2018 FA Youth Cup

In addition to Sterling, the teenage starlet of England, Callum Husdon-Odoi was also part of racial abuse during the match between Montenegro and England. [See the video at the beginning of the post for more details on the English coaching staff’s response to Hudson-Odoi’s treatment.]

Growing Diversity on English National Team

But England’s national team is ready to take the diversity to another level. Younger players like Hamza Choudhury, and Easah Suliman, both with partially Asian backgrounds, are ready to take the senior England team soon.

Hamaza Choudbury in blue. Easah Suliman in white.

Frank Soo — First Half Chinese Player to Win World Cup with England

In the past — Frank Soo — an English player with Chinese descent — was part of England’s National Team in the 1930s and 40s. Maybe we can truly ensure that football is headed towards more diversity and not less.


The England team has been subjected to various racist issues caused by the players’ diverse backgrounds. In 2018 World Cup — 11 of the squad of 23 were black or of mixed ethnicity.

Compare that to six English National Team players going to the World Cup in 2014.

Is it something to celebrate? Because there is no race when enjoying football games. It’s something everyone should enjoy. So why is race and racism so prevalent and important to the world?

Thanks for Kicking it Bee — Live from Australia.

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[ UEFA ] — Union of European Football Associations — The governing body of European football. It is an association of associations, a representative democracy, and is the umbrella organisation for 55 national football associations across Europe. — uefa.com

[ European Qualifiers for UEFA Euro 2020 ] How it Works — The 55 teams were split into ten groups of five or six. Four of the five groups of five contain one team that has qualified for the UEFA Nations League finals (to be played June 2019). The top two from each group will qualify for the final tournament, determining the first 20 places. Twenty sides will earn finals places via qualifying groups, with four coming through to a play-off system. — uefa.com


Perspectives and conversations on the growing diversity of the English National Team —

  • huffpost.com — Opinion: The Beautiful Diversity of the World Cup –Written by Edward Telles — Professor of Sociology at Princeton University and has written extensively on race in Latin America and on Latinos in the United States. 2014.
  • metro.co.uk — Opinion: The talent of this year’s England team is inspiring, so is the diversity within the squad — Written by Obayed Hussain — Islamic Scholar, qualified football coach, and Equality Officer for the Birmingham FA. 2018.
  • usatoday.com — Migration, outreach mean diversity is soccer’s new normal — The Associated Press, 2018.


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