So I’m not the biggest on self introductions, but I am glad to be here on Team Herstun.

My name Ian Harrow.

I’m a self-taught animator & mixed-media artist.

I’ve always had a passion for drawing and creating.

The first time I met Herstun, I was no more than 10 years old.

Sitting behind her, glued to a piece of notebook paper, drawing worlds like the ones she reads about.

However, I made some career changes as I began to move through this journey we call life.

I’m currently Active Duty in the United States Army.

So I usually struggle to find a good balance between work, family, and my animations.

The birth of E-N!ThaHero / E-NHero

The name E-N! is just a easy way to remember my name [Ian] pronunciation and the nickname, E-N!ThaHero / E-NHero are mini-names and abbreviations of my full name Ian Thaddeus Harrow.

I’ve been drawing and coming up with stories since I was in Elementary School.

It all started with comics.

Gradually moved to web images.

And then animation.

Dont be surprised if my style tends to vary.

Its always based on new introduced ideas, or rebuilding already written stories or thoughts.

I’ve always believed that passion can be the greatest tool to completing dreams.

Even though the tools in life aren’t always handed to us — determination, consistency, and the will to never give up will always make things happen for you.

I do listen to requests, but remember —

I have a full plate when it comes to balancing that mentioned above. And I do want to have a little time leftover to practice my work.

Animation is truly a draining (and REWARDING) project.

I’ll try to explain things a little better as I push out some samples of things I do so that we can appreciate each others feedback and perspectives.

Thanks for coming to hangout with me in Herstun FM Readio’s brand new station Geekgawdom. I may try to convince her to change the name. You guys have any suggestions?


I mean….



Written By ENHero. Edited By Herstun.

There isn’t a better guy in the world to introduce on Herstun’s first Geek station. And he is the coolest kind of geek. Most definitely a geek gawd.

I can’t wait to watch EN grown into the space and become a feature writer and artist for the Herstun Staff. I hope we even get little animated pics one day. I am hyyyppee. Thanks for joining us EN! I am definitely going to try to find the time to grow my drawing skills with you.

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Hi I'm Ian. I like to draw and animate. I've always had a passion for it which lead to my ambitions for creation. I love experimenting with digital software, learning new skills, and bring ideas to live.

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