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storytellin. soul searching. but who knew…not me. a poetic saga. part one. meet morgan.

April 1, 2019

Hey loves! I know, I know it sounds like I’m about to get super deep and well I am a gemini so maybe you’ll get a little ‘Pac’ angelicness (idk if that’s a word but it is now) lol and some deep ish too! I am from Atlanta ( really the outskirts but I feel city you know) and currently I live in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles.

Welcome to my story.

I can definitely say the passion for the arts derived when I was introduced to poetry at 7. I performed my first poem by the beautiful Maya Angelou and I was knee deep in ever since. I’ve gone on to write my own poetry, performing at Center Stage in Atlanta, V103, 107.9 and quaint spaces that enjoy spoken word. I’ve created visuals through platforms like Youtube that give me the opportunity “to do my thang”! Acting wise you can catch me in some of your favorite films and tv shows. I’ve had the awesome pleasure of storytelling on The Originals, Good Girls and Forever my Girl to name a few. I’ve been blessed. However, there are so many ups and downs to this business. Let’s get into the truths… Here in lies the story, my story, the searching of ones soul and not even knowing it…

the day i fell madly in love with this thing called art.

don’t let the sunshine fool you beau!

Remember I said earlier, I currently live in the beautiful, sunny LA! Yeah, it’s cute alright but like the title says don’t let the sunshine fool you! Oh, and don’t forget the gorgeous views. When you look down, reality is waiting there staring your ass in the face. You have to pay astronomical rent and navigate in a industry that isn’t truly about the craft you’ve grown to love! It’s all about MONEY. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! MONEYYYY (hence the pic above)!!! Which means there is a lot of nepotism and things you can’t control. Although, I’ve only been here for a short amount of time — (3 years and counting lol, sounds long but it’s really not)– it took me most of that time to realize I can only control what I can do! I’ve met, auditioned for every top guy or gal you can think of and just kinda knew I had it in the bag. However, the system of it all compiled with the constant rejection will keep your ass in the bed wallowing after awhile. Distance from love and your family can and will keep you there as well. I had to pull myself from the abyss I felt like I was slowly but surely falling into. The industry and the way it’s ran started to make me dislike my gift and began picking the passion in my heart for it away.

storytellin. soul searching. GAVE ME LIFE…


Poetry resuscitated me. I started writing again like I did when I felt good about everything. My boyfriend suggested I write my feelings down in a journal and I turned them into poetry. I didn’t even realize I was soul searching and cleansing myself of all the impurities that were weighing me down. Eventually, I was like, “girl, wash your face”( s/o to Rachel Hollis for that incredible read) I got my “zhuzh” back, but I had to come to the realization that God is in control of what I am not. What I can control wakes me up everyday. The passion I have for my craft and perfecting it to the best of MY ability. Style, building aesthetics, art, traveling, eating healthy, my family and looking good, lol, all inspires me. You know like, all the other shit that matters too! You’re not just your success or career. You’re a living, breathing soul who needs to be dipped in several colors of the world. I like to remember that. The awesome opportunities presented and given to me makes my story and this journey all worth while. Poetry has my heart as well as acting and I have more amazing stories to come and I pray it blesses you like it does me.

In the meantime watch two new visual stories I wrote, directed and starred in… I’m getting my Spike Lee on ya’ll! Also, catch me in the latest season (2) of Good Girls and on Lifetime in the film Buried Secrets.

Keep pushing Malka’s and Melech’s

(Queens and Kings in Hebrew)

you’re worth it!

Your story is worth it.



See you next week on as my Poetic Saga continues


Written & Curated by Morgan

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Herstun is incredibly humbled to welcome a talented professional to the squad. Don’t let her write-up fool you. She is quite modestly a professional, working actress out here slaying dragons and taking names…

And making the time to inspire us with her struggles, her fears, her triumphs.

Her story.

Welcome Morgan. I can’t wait to learn from you.


She is so talented y’all!! I am squeaking with excitement.
Catch her back here soon!

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  1. Morgan,
    I am your Mom’s line sister from BCU.
    Please know that you are so blessed and the greatest leader of all is leading you.
    You are absolutely beautiful and I know you are a strong and smart young lady.
    Keep praising God and watch what happens for you.
    I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me!!!

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