Meet A. Paige — Opening the Book on Active Duty Spouse Life

Well hello there.

I am A. Paige and a few titles I have the pleasure to hold:

Wife to my best friend


Mommy to 2 gremlin-angels


Sister to 2 gremlin-angels

Bestie to my BOSS girl tribe

And all around hot mess.

Lol. But don’t judge me though.

I heard Herstun was out here assembling a Queendom for her FM Readio and here I am… Yall feel me?

We’re all trying to make it in this game called life and do it well and with grace.


I saw a good chunk of the world before I was 10.

I was born in South Carolina — spent some time in Japan — back to South Carolina — then a few years in Turkey.

Turkey was the first place I called home. I have so many amazing and crazy stories to share about my time in the Middle East as a child. Can’t wait to share.

Both of my parents were born and raised in South Georgia. As my dad started to prepare to retire from the military, he took all four of his girls with him — Me, my mom, and two sisters. According to him..

There’s nothings like that Georgia reeddddddd clay.

My daddy πŸ™„

To Middle Georgia

we went and I was raised

a Down South Georgia Girl.

I spent elementary, middle, and high school in a small suburban military town.

I spent most of my days as the only black girl in the classroom, dance team, drumline, and 4H program.

As graduation approached I applied to every HBCU I could find.

I was pretty much over being the only black girl in the room, all the time.

So, I chose an illustrious HBCU in Georgia that served as a beneficial tool.

My time there raised and crafted me into the woman I am today.

I completed degrees before returning to my small hometown. Right outside the military base. Remember it? Well…

There was this stranger with a DC accent in a bar… I’ll let you assume what happened next…

I invited him to church the next morning.

Down South Georgia girl, guys. Lol.

He tried to hide it from me.

But guess what?

He’s active duty military!

Two years later I changed my last name.

Then we met our first bundle of joy.

And ended up on orders to beautiful Colorado.

Well. Once I took all the cold my soul could endure —

The good Lord dropped some military orders right after we welcomed our second baby.

So I packed up my 5-year-old and 5-month-old and headed the District of Columbia — the capital of the Nation.

Pray for a G!!!

We are back on the east coast,

next to family,

with 2 kids,

trying to get the family settled,

and not be so hot messy? πŸ˜…

Well here on 95.9 The Queendom, I am going to navigate this new duty station, getting the kids situated and settled, my adventures into making new friends, and all the pages in between.

I am A. Paige.

Thank you in advance for visiting my book on life.

Signing off.

Exclusively on Herstun FM Readio. Reporting live from


Written By A. Paige. Edited By W. D. Herstun

Being a military spouse can be consuming enough to be a job at various points throughout a servicemembers career. How do the families of America’s warriors cope with the everyday life of their significant other?

A. Paige is here to give us a page out of her diary on how she copes, de-stresses, and manages the myriad of things that come her way on any given day.

After all. She is a queen. [Don’t forget that hot ass mess part though. Lol. #NeverForget]


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