Nessla1 — The Survivor

Now this confidence and independence

transpired from

insecurities and dependencies.

The woman you see has emerged from pain, from betrayal, and all the adversities in the world.

Overcoming deep battles of depression,

attacks from family,

and surviving domestic violence and abuse for 5 years! 

So, I’m here to stand in my truth,

stand in my power,

and stand for anyone who needs help supporting their own weight! 

Please join me as I narrate my experiences and peel back each layer of my life exclusively on Herstun Fm Readio!  

Broadcasting Live from the





Back again to introduce our last #WCW this week. Nessla1 is doing great work in addressing problems caused by generational poverty and continues to devote herself to breaking familial curses.

She is going to be writing for us about mental health, battling back from depression, and being a person responsible for a lot of other shit all at the same time.

Follow her on Instagram and Check out her blog about Generational Poverty.

Can’t wait to see where her journey of self-discovery takes us.

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3 thoughts on “Nessla1 — The Survivor

  1. This is dope love your strength and willingness to not give up… can’t wait to read more

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