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The Cycle — Meet Flow the DJ

April 5, 2019

Think for yourself — Don’t follow the squad

Better play smart — Better follow your God

Follow your Heart — Understand your part

In the Circle of Life — I lay you down tonight

You can be anything — Wonder what you might do

Teach you what I know — Help you see the Light

Do the same for your seed —

That’s called a #Cycle

‘Letter to My Future Son’ x Flow

About Flow the DJ

Herstun is super blessed to welcome Flow the DJ to 107.9 Music & Verse here on Herstun FM readio. Flo was born to two Jamaican parents. His mom is from Montego Bay and his dad is from Kingston. Although he was raised in the US and went to school for accounting, Jamaica is constantly calling him.

“I get this feeling when I’m down here. I really notice it when I leave Jamaica. I feel free. Everything just beautiful, slower pace, natural fruits. It’s just different. I want to dive fully into my roots.”

Flow the DJ on Jamaican Roots

I must admit it is a beauty to know and embrace your country of origin and be black, born in America. I love it. Flow plans on moving to Jamaica permenantly at some point but his number one goal is having his music heard. I think we all want to be heard. I know many artists understand that struggle. Thats why we support the arts.

He is a great lyricist. Brings a very poetic vibe to rap with a refreshingly peaceful, and honest, message. Love his vibe and I was super honored when he agreed to showcase his talents here. I hope you all listen and enjoy. He will be with us once a week exclusively on Herstun FM Readio… (and over on his SoundCloud.)



Music Written & Produced by Flow the DJ.

‘About Flow the dj’ Written & Edited by Herstun.

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Our goal is to slowly reach out to as many populations infused with the black diaspora as possible. Unity begins with perspective. πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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