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Cars & Christ — Fiebru

April 6, 2019

One of my favorite parts of driving is seeing the view.

Something about seeing all of God’s creation at a high rate of speed that gets me every time.

Hi. I’m Gabe.

And I have a lot of random things I am into.

I go the gym pretty consistently.

I also love to eat my wife’s baked goods.

I am Puerto Rican through and through. Born and raised mostly in Florida, although my family moved a lot when I was growing up.

Herstun asked me to come here to talk about the things that are most important to me. She knows what they are. But she somehow convinced me that someone else out there would want to know too.


And it’s pictured in the photo right here.

That sweet car. And Christ. (Who is in me.)

And my wife. Absolutely.

She is standing there, right in front of the car. See?

Priorities. ✅


My dad’s car. 1986 Porsche 911.

My dad and I rebuilt the engine in this Porsche twice.

The time with him working on this car taught me how to love cars.

This was my first car. It is a 1994 Honda del Sol.

I bought it when I was 20 years old in Fort Bliss, Texas from an old family church friend. — Church has connected me to many people no matter where my family and I move.

My dad and I put a little work in on her together…

I spent a lot of time with my dad working on this car. Just like we worked on his Porsche growing up.

My love of cars has brought me closer to my family.


My daughter and I putting in work on my second car. — The BMW z3.

This space is going to be about the things that interest me. And maybe some other people like me. I may not always be able to contribute.

My job, church, and family keep me busy.

So, basically, I am a 20-something-year-old Puerto Rican man with a family of women– my wife & two daughters — by my side and in my heart every step of the way.

I lead my family beacuase I am blessed enough to be lead by God.

How to Worship a King by Zack Neese

There will be a lot of pictures in case you didn’t notice.

I told Herstun I wasn’t much of a writer.

She told me to take pictures of things that matter to me.

She said this column could be an opportunity.

A different way for different people to meet together and talk about God, and cars.

And maybe some family and fitness too.

Basically, she wants me to show you why I enjoy my view of this thing called life so much.


We will see.


Written & edited by herstun with gabe r.

I just wanted to bring God to Herstun in different ways. Gabe is one of the most God-centered individuals I have come across in the last ten years. And we rarely talked about God specifically. We talked about comic books, cars, and worldviews. And he always loved every person he came across. Even if they were completely different than everybody else.

Gabe is always trying to be a good guy, and acknowledging he falls short on the daily. I asked him to write for the site because he’s the kind of guy I would want my kid to run into at Sunday school. A large number of young adults & youth are leaving the church. I can understand why. But as Gabe pointed out in his reading for the week, that does not mean that the church has to leave them. Maybe just be more… mobile.

Gabe and I are reporting live, from 89.1 Faith, Fashion, & Fitness. We hope this made you feel a little fierce.


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