Mai Family Stiles — A Timeline — 2007 — Friends

I know. All this smiling and you would think that we have been this way forever.

But this.

This has been a journey. We have a timeline so to speak. So let me take you back.

Year — 2007. Fashion trends — Thongs, fitted caps, and bubble coats.

I didn’t need a bubble coat where I was stationed with the military though.

2007 took me to San Antonio, TX. — And him.

My husband in 2007.

Obviously then I didn’t know that he was going to be my husband.

It was one of many nights that was spent at the BDU club, a gathering space mostly for incoming, new airmen to relax on the weekend after training.

I honestly can’t recall what song was playing but I can vividly remember this skinny ass, dark-skinned dude, with NIKE baseball gloves (I guess he was making a fashion statement 🤣), a black backpack and his uniform.

When you are in any type of initial training with the military, you have phases that give you different permissions. For example, in phase-one, you are allowed to go to the BDU club in full fatigues, or full uniform.

My future husband was dressed in uniform.

In phase-two, you can go to the BDU club in civilian clothes.

Live footage of me checking for him in my jeans and tee. 😎

I was in a phase higher than him when we first met that night, so I could wear civilian clothes.

I can just remember him dancing.

I fell in deep like and we became fast friends.

We shared one kiss in 2007 but it was truly something to remember.

We didn’t see each other again until that summer when he came to visit me in Atlanta.

My friendship with my husband had a lot more to go through before we wound up together.

We enjoyed Atlanta but we didn’t speak again for another two years after that.

And when we did finally touchbase —

He was married to someone else, and I was serving a tour in Iraq.

So yeah… 2007… It was real.

Find out how my husband and I ended up together and living with my beautiful sister-in-love and our children next time on Mai Family Stiles — A Timeline, exclusively on Herstun FM Readio.

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Somehow, Mai Stiles has actually managed to make me like animal print, which I categorically hate. She has a knack for it. She is actually the first person I contacted ever to feature on I knew that her aesthetic was so different than my own, we would be able to see a lot together. She hasn’t disappointed.

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