SHAME ON IT ALL. Explicit Language Warning. True Reflections on Mom Shaming.

Explicit Langauge Warning. This post is excellently written but does contain several expletives. If they make you queasy then beware. Herstun.

“Do you really co sleep?” —

Yes, it’s just as fulfilling as exhausting.

“You’re not gonna make him eat?” —

You see my face right?

No, he’s clearly not hungry.

“He’s only 1 with a tablet?” —

Yes, he’s also counting, learning his alphabet and has AMAZING comprehension skills.

“Why every time I come over here that baby don’t have any clothes on” —

Cause this his house.

Yeah, I’m one of THOSE mothers.

Yeah her.

The one who allows her kid to “run her.” 🤷🏾

I allow him to run himself actually, but GO AWWWF!!

Basically, mind the child you enjoyed fucking for, okay?!

No seriously, what’s with all the mommy shaming these days?


aunties, cousins and big sisters.

Basically any and everyone who ISN’T anyone mommy in my house.

Like, did you even lactate sis?!

Oh alriiiiight.

Now please don’t take offense because —

I still believe it takes a village to raise a child.**

** When said village is well ran within itself —

But we not going there today.

I would ask —

“Why judge?”

But the answer is simple —

because it’s easy.

Instead of asking the questions within ourselves on why the issue at hand bothers us, it’s easier to form a judgment and go on with our lives.

Oh yeah, we’re going there today.

Mommy shamers!!!

Please answer the following questions in my desperate attempt to understand how anyone’s parenting style offends you. —

except antivaxxers – love y‘all still but you big trippin.

1. The fuck is wrong with you?

Look at my face again.

No seriously, how mundane your life has to be that sitting around discussing what the next person does or DOES NOT do with their children brings some excitement.

2. Do you plan on being the “perfect parent”?

Perfect parent, huh?

You know that ideal fabulous bitch we all thought we were going to be once we became a mother. ** Sidenote** We’re gonna laugh at y‘all in Walmart struggling with your kids in their second-day ponytails.

3. Do I scare you?


I only ask because I have all been taught that any person who constantly bullies and ostracize you, is usually intimidated by you. Why do I intimidate you? Am I everything you wanted in a mother or you want for yourself? Honestly, its flattering but either let me know something or have a seat in the weak bitch section cause nobody has time for your unsolicited ass opinion.

Y’all know this shit is difficult for everybody right?

Being a whole living and breathing human’s only resource department.

It’s hard.

This is Motherhood. From the broke bi-bitch perspective. Vibe with it or not. #ShesReelateable.

And I am not going to be here consistently. When I got something to say, I’ll check in. But when I come here, I thank you for hearing me. Not often I get heard.


Written By ShesReelateable. Edited By Herstun.

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Not going to lie guys. This one was hard to read and edit. I held my finger not to censor this sister’s words. Her emotions. I could feel how raw it is. It hurts when you give life everything and the only you get back is criticism. I think what I read at the end of the day is a woman trying to make it that is tired of being wrong in every room she enters, even the rooms filled with loved ones.

I didn’t invite Ree to join my team because I thought she would be a joy to work with. To be honest, I expected a lot of in-and-out because of work and juggling childcare. I have been surprised at her willingness to be vulnerable. The topic of mom shame has come up on the site before but it is interesting to see how it affects every mother differently. There is nuance in the struggle.

I am definitely going to laugh whenever I go visit her and her son, Bugg, run out the back naked though. Lmao. Thanks for rocking with ShesReelateable exclusively on 107.5 Family First.


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