Spring Tip For Growth: Pull the Weeds of Perfection and Water Your Flaws By Happy Madhatter feat. Julia S. Powell Art

I am the Happy (Mom) Madhatter. I am a follower of Christ, wife, mother, counselor, DIY’er, thrifter, low-key feminist, and humor-enthusiast! A mouthful to digest, huh?

That should help explain the name. Sometimes life can get a little mad, and I just put my hat and step on through it. I am already a writer and blogger so I came here to Herstun just to share a message with you. I hope that you enjoy and follow along on my page for more updates. (And maybe I will reappear here, too 🙂 )

So, why have I only written and published a whomping 1 blog in the past 1.5 years?


Today is the day I resume writing this very personal and self-proclaimed enlightening blog with efforts to bring perspective, but more importantly to engage and relate to others on a real level. 

This is something I am very passionate about and if I can be honest, it is one of the main ways I keep my mental health in-check! 

So, why am I finding it difficult even at this moment to just write!?!

Let me

take a step back

for a second. 

Aside from being very passionate about writing and sharing —

I have been asked out of the blue, by 2 different friends (who don’t know each other), within a 7-day-period to write a blog post. 

I certainly take that as divine intervention.

But as I willingly proceeded, I began to ask myself —

What has really been holding me back?

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, just write dammit”

Me to myself in a moment of epiphany.

I don’t even know what perfection actually looks like or how I would know when I had arrived at it.

But I do know that when I am writing out my daily to-do list —

Perfection is somewhere subconsciously embedded between doing a load of laundry and picking the kids up from school, between picking out an outfit or cooking a meal. 

Striving for perfection is constantly motivating what I do, how and when I do, and ultimately what I end up not doing.

Merriam-Webster defines perfection as —

The state of being free as possible from all flaws or defects.

Well, I don’t know ANYONE who fits this description.

… Especially not me! 

To be free of flaws is an impossible feat!

Even the perfect gardens have weeds.

So why do we constantly strive for perfection?? 

Perhaps it is our ill attempt to conceal our flaws and to gain a false sense of validation and security from others.

Ok, consider this — how many of you take 20 of the same picture —

in order to get the perfect one to post to social media? 

How does it benefit you in the long run for people to only see you looking your best on The Gram (all while feeling your worst) but with nobody knowing a thing about who you really are and what you are really going through? 

It doesn’t exactly communicate to people that you could use a shoulder to cry on or support for that matter. 

I will admit, I am guilty of concealing flaws but honestly what I have learned over time is —


And more importantly…NOBODY CARES!! 

This is all pressure I have put on MYSELF for reasons that are not really even understood.

What ever happened to getting an “A for effort”, doing your best, striving to be good, etc?

Instead of striving for perfection we should strive to expose our flaws with confidence!

After all, these are the things that make us special, unique, and HUMAN.  

With that being said, I will expose myself first —

Ahem… Clears throat…

My Christian walk is not always my top priority — 

I have moments when I lack confidence regarding mothering —

My relationship with my spouse ain’t all roses every day —

My feet are not my best asset —

I am NOT where I want to be in my career —

I have a hard time admitting when I am wrong.

Okay, so technically this list could go on but you get the point. 

Buuuut just in case you don’t get the point of me spilling my own tea —

I am basically trying to say that while flaws can be undesirable, in my case they don’t negate the fact that God still loves me, my kids are still alive, I love my husband.

….lol he doesn’t mind my feet…

And my career is moving along — Just not exactly at the speed of light.

The flaws I mentioned don’t refute the fact that despite my shortcomings,

I am beautiful and still possess so much value.

Striving for perfection has gotten in the way of me seeing this and enjoying the very moment I am presently in.

I’ve come to realize that everybody has flaws. 

Flaws build character and promote growth.

How can you level up in life if everything is already perfect? 

If I didn’t have flaws —

I wouldn’t have a story —

and thus nothing to write about.

I would have nothing to share and nothing to connect with others about.

Consider what striving for perfection has hindered you from.

For me before this moment, it was writing this blog, but there have been many instances.

So, thank you for sharing some of my insecurities with me —

If I see you in the streets, don’t mention my feet! Lol.

In closing, in this garden called life, I encourage you to pull those weeds of perfection, water your garden of flaws —

and enjoy the growth!


Written By the Happy (Mom) Madhatter. Edited By Herstun.

This is my first co-host blogger and it was a cool experience to bring in such a strong writer. I hope to host the Happy Madhatter here as often as she chooses to join us!

Follow her blog for more ways to contact her!

Welcoming back one of my favorite artists, Julia S. Powell. I always appreciate her for allowing me to sample her work. Each of the pieces is linked to her site. And she has prints which is always exciting!

The vibrancy of my hometown, along with the colorful characters that reside within it, impacts my landscapes by injecting hypercolor into scenes with nature.

Notes on Art Selection —

I chose Julia S. Powell Art because even though she paints a lot of realism into her landscapes she has beautiful abstract work. Abstraction is so perfect in color and balance that it looks like absolute chaos.

Without using form directly to create movement or shapes, the colors and lines create movement and shape. It’s abstract. Good, well-balanced, abstract artwork.

The most famous abstract artist of modern times is Jackson Polluck. Paul Jackson Pollock was born in America in 1912 and died in 1956 prematurely at the age of 44. His life spanned the worlds two largest wars up to the date of his death. Pollock laid unstretched canvases out on the floor and dripped/flicked enamel paint allowing color and line to stand alone independently of form. **Read caption of Julia’s Painting right above. **

By 1947, this new mode of work Pollock had arrived at brought him international fame. It is interesting to reflect on him as a historian because his work is so raw, wild, and contained. It reminds me so much of America and white supremacy. Not in a blaming Jackson Pollock way, but using his work as a brief peek into the soul of the country. It reflects the raw flesh torn apart on battlefields and also the overly jubilant crowds of soldiers returning to jobless towns.

[Creative common] image of Times Square after German surrender in 1945. Pollock was probably present. the following is a painting by Jackson Pollock completed in 1949.

Can you imagine that pent up passion, that pent up desire to perfect humanity, to cleanse it from the death and celebration of death, being turned upon those in a society that were easily identified for the reasons things are less than perfect?

Image courtesy of https://eji.org/

All of this feeling that Pollock put into these paintings were what made them popular. People identified with this break from traditional artistic perfection. Because what is perfection after the world has been at war?

For Pollock’s entire life he probably heard the word ‘perfect’ about the most gruesome things.

The ‘perfect’ bomb. Hiroshima. Oct 1945. Covered by press in America as an ‘end’ to the suffering of war times. A necessary evil.

Perfection can be harmless and carefully pruned like a garden. Especially when we have the foresight & wisdom that the Madhatter has to consult ourselves about it. But striving for it in any sense as a group can lead to dire consequences for those that are ‘left behind’ or not perfect by public opinion. Love the message. Thanks again Happy (mom) Madhatter!



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