Sunshine the Conservative Mom

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Sunshine and I am many, many things.

I’m a 29-year-old mother of three, divorcee, Christian, Army Veteran, Stay-at-Home Mom… oh, and a registered Republican.

Intrigued yet?

Like many of my peers, I was raised by a single mother in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Sure, Florida is definitely South if you’re looking on a map but I was not raised in the South.

I realized Florida truly wasn’t “The South” when I moved to Savannah, Georgia in 2009. Gosh, that place will humble you and teach you things like no place I’ve ever been.

More on that later.

Before I could even remember, my mother strapped me into her bicycle and we went to nursing school. 

It’s me!

Of course, I’m joking [a little bit].

My Mother

My mother went to nursing school, that woman never quit and her perseverance is something I’m not sure I even possess. 

My mother and father were never married.

They met in their early twenties at the Marriott Hotel in Tampa, Florida.

Me pregnant with my oldest.

At age 23, my mother found out she was pregnant with me.

She also found out she had cervical cancer.

Her doctors advised her to have an abortion so she could begin treatment immediately.

She refused. —

Do you see me?


Conservative Roots

Perhaps this is where my conservative roots really got planted.

My mother is a pro-lifer to her core.

Can you blame her?

Maybe you can, but let’s dive into that another day.

She carried me to term and immediately began treatment for cervical cancer and fiercely beat it.

My father came and went for a few years until he eventually disappeared

For over 10 years, he didn’t play a role in my life

My mom and I were the dynamic duo.

She finished nursing school and became an RN, we traveled, went to theme parks.

The only child — single mom life was seriously a blast!

Eventually, my mom met a man and they were married just before my eighth birthday.

I was ecstatic, I thought my mom found happiness and I found a dad — Dan.

Less than a year into their marriage, Dan showed his true colors.

I think his favorite colors were black and blue.

He was abusive —

pushing my pregnant mother across the kitchen —

beating me black and blue every chance he could.

Just for you Dan. Just for you.

When my brother was born, he suddenly had no interest in playing daddy to me anymore, his only interest was using me and my mother as his punching bags.

A few years later, they divorced.

Our house was sold and we moved into a small apartment.

I made the best friends in that apartment complex, I walked to school and made even more friends there.

I was a relatively happy kid. 

I don’t usually tell people about those hard years.

I don’t get into how I never even understood what I did wrong to endure this physical pain and how I had no control —

No way to make it stop.

Instead, I wore jeans during the summer in Florida while my friends wore cute dresses and shorts. 

I never wanted to sound like a victim —

And I never want anyone to feel sorry for me.

You see, now I realize those bruises only add to my character.

Sure, Dan was an abusive prick but I wasn’t going to change him.

I can either let his awful actions change me for the better or allow me to become a helpless victim. 

It took many,

many years,

but eventually,

I chose to use that man’s shitty actions to build my character

I can’t change someone’s mind about abusing women and children.

It took me years to realize that I cannot control other people’s actions —

I cannot control the way they feel about politics —

I cannot control their favorite food or TV show.

However, I can choose to let other people help me grow.

Other people of all —






and even Shitty

will always contribute to my character but it is up to me to decide what kind of contribution I allow them to make.

At the age of seven, Dan gave me my first lesson in this. In a way, I owe him a big “thanks, asshole!”

Of course, this was the first of many opportunities to grow my character. 

I went on to live my teenage years like most middle-class American teens.

I drove too fast, made friends, lost friends, drank Smirnoff Ice, made out with boys and had no idea what I was doing in regards to any of it. 

Still a teenager, I met Brandon at the age of 18.

And well, I guess I allowed him to contribute to my character too.

Talk more about him next time.

It was really nice meeting you all. Thanks for coming to share a little of my Sunshine. I know it’s now always bright. But it always builds brighter days. Just have to persevere.


Written By Sunshine. Edited By Herstun.

I met Sunshine in Basic Training. She was one of the taller, paler, less athletic people out of all the women in the barracks. Sunshine could barely run an entire mile at one time.

She graduated with muscle starting to strain through her limbs. She was running a mile in under 9 minutes. I watched her go from crying about missing her son to low crawling across the desert in the same breath.

I can absolutely witness to this attitude and it’s outcome. She grits her teeth. And life better watch out.

We didn’t agree on much then. Ha. Which is funny because I think we probably agree on much more now. Funny how motherhood and age will do that to you. Sunshine is fiery as all hell when she wants to be yall.

And you do know… I have a thing for fiery women. I respect her. I trust her. She’s got a good heart. A good honest, person. I like decent human beings. I try to keep them, even if it’s in my peripherals. Glad she came by. Glad the world is meeting her anew as am I.

I hope she sticks around when politics gets hot because I would love her perspective. I would love to hear more from conservative women directly period. I would like to build those relationships where they can be built and try to understand why and where they cannot.

As for Sunshine… You can catch her back here on 107.5 Family First exclusively on Herstun FM Readio. [Because who the f is Brandon?]


Dedicated to the unity we need between political ideologies and the compromise we need to improve the planet for all of our children. We got this.
curated by w.d. herstun
We are having some technical difficulties getting Sunshine’s account up and running but she will be here soon publishing in the same as everyone else. This writing and story are strictly her own and do not belong to Herstun in any way.

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