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I didn’t have my first twitter account until I was officially 31 years old or like, maybe two weeks before.

I was pretty set in my Facebook box and my IG life. Threw some Snap in here and there.

But when I decided to start writing a book my friend told me that I needed a support network.


I started strolling Twitterverse in the #WritingCommunity…

And y’all. I have met some cool people. This Follow Friday, I am going to map my Twitter out just a little bit instead of covering my favorite bloggers.

When you first join Twitter, you probably want to join a community somewhere. I know that sounds a little weird but #WritingCommunity is like a neighborhood.

One of my first stops on twitter lane was Joy Nibbs. She is a published poet. And has a really dope blog that you listen too. Podcast style. I liked her for some reason. She wasn’t overly nice.

I learned quickly about Twitter that in so many ways its an equalizer. It’s extremely one dimensional and fast moving. But you have to allow people to react to you how they will. No body language, no hints. Just GIFs and memes. Lol. It’s been a fun ride, to say the least. Funny how far we have come since AIM.

So she was one of my first 500 friends. And she is a poet — which is super dope. And if I’m not mistaken, it was she that really showed me what the #WritingCommunity was just by interacting on her page. And soon I met my first Twitter love.

Lmao. Twitter love is real yall. It’s that friend that you sift through thousands for just to check and see what they talking about. Haha. My first Twitter love brought me ALL the knowledge on how to manuever a little bit in this Wild West of a place.


Twitter is a random place. And I love it. *cringe* I also hate it because, man. Its work. Work-work. Lmao. But I’m weird af. So, of course, I’m drawn immediately to the androgyny. Challenged off rip. After messing her gender up once, she really took me under her wing and… Idk. I lowkey stalk her page. Lol. She asks the BEST questions and always has really interesting people in her comments section. So yeah. @joncarlinwriter J.D Writer from England. I don’t really care who she is in real life. Its Twitter Lane yall. Got to know where to cut it off. But If you strolling… Stop there for coffee and a convo. She’s good for it.

It was through my first Twitter love that I met four #WritingCommunity behemoths. (Note: In Twitterverse, ‘met’ means they also follow me back and we have acknowledged each other’s presence by tweet or retweet or like.)

If you are rather new to twitter, a WRITER, AUTHOR, POET, or BLOGGER — They are great places to start. But I WARN you, non-writers sometimes get pounced on. And I suggest you tread carefully with politics around people’s pet dragons and kitty gifs. Might get pounced.

Ok. I would suggest beginning with either @emmalombard or @camillawrites after you get your feet a little wet with the pace. The pace is a big thing in the Twitterverse. Convos are happening live at that moment from around the world. It is why I don’t halfway sleep. (All my loves are British!)

Imagine we riding the #WritingCommunity and there are four estates all linked together and a bit larger. Busy and boisterous with life, and debate. These are those four houses and here are their owners —

  1. @Emmalombard is Australian and a bastion in the community in my opinion. She just puts out great content and hosts some pretty good convos over on her page that are relevant to writing on the web. Her author site is also lit — She is a political free zone so if you’re interested in someone non-controversial and packed full of knowledge. START HERE. The reason I put @emmalombard first is because of her exceptional piece on Twitter Tips for Newbies. I must admit I’ve read it a few times and still only follow, like half the rules. LMAO. But they will give you confidence when you do start tweeting people that are more established in your industry. At some point, we will all be #amquerying gotta #believe.
  2. @CamillaWrites @CamillaWrites @CamillaWrites. Once you are just a wee bit comfy tweeting you need to follow @CamillaWrites and turn your notifications on. Because she is TRYING TO PUT YOU ON. She has amazing follow threads that support the entire community with real, engaging, content-driven followers. She has some of the most quality follow threads out there. She is the #WritingCommunity Queen. Easily. In my neighborhood anyway. She’s also a published poet and author. Check all her work out here.
  3. And right next door to her is another of my favorite people for follow threads, meeting cool new writers, and having bomb ass convos — @agletterman. He has the most awesome people on his threads all the time. I have covered topics ranging from dragon-shifters to Roman emperors all while chilling with my feet up in @agletterman‘s twitterhome. He also has a pretty cool YouTube channel about the art of storytelling. He brings writers together. He is a great follow for a fresh Twitterverser in my neighborhood.
  4. And the last house is the biggest and busiest of them all. @serahjauthor. I was shocked she actually FOLLOWED ME BACK. She has such a huge twitter following but she still engages with everyone! And her threads talk about everything from erotica to the big skies of Montana. She’s currently working on a project with her boyfriend and they put up Daily Interviews. I haven’t checked the interviews out yet but @mattwhiteside3 has some dope animations on his page and he is producing it I believe, so FOLLOW HIM TOO. Lol.

Ok. One last time for the big 4 in my part of the nieghborhood. I check in with them at least biweekly and sometimes everyday.



Why so serious?

Well. Those are great big houses with lots of new people coming and going. Super friendly though. If you need some twitter friends that will keep you grounded and provide some much need levity in the #WritingCommunity let me introduce you to my jacks —

@jack_ardshiel — Randomly wanders my neighborhood shouting out obscenities or observations that make me laugh but make innocent bystanders uneasy.

@Jack_Deyes — Wanders my neighborhood looking for beautiful things and taking notes to write about them later. Check out his lifestyle blog. Always being positive energy in the neighborhood. He is pretty incredible if you decide to check him out start with his 2019 Walk for Autism Fundraiser. He really is a cool guy. Another Brit and won’t be the last.

Ok. @Jack_Deyes is a good segway to the most hardworking bloggers in my neighborhood. And yall. There are a TON of grinding bloggers out here.

But these two, are constantly re-tweeting all the best blog shares ALL day LONG every day. They are EXCELLENT connections. I probably comment on a tweet connected to them daily.

@thepreppingwife and @sambel08.

So we riding in my neighborhood and you see a nice big area that’s fenced land with a tweeter in the center. That’s how I imagine @thepreppingwife tweeting from the Pacific Northwest. Through Twitter, I found and subscribed to her blog and now we are in groups across social media together or following each other on all platforms. Not a lot of direct contact other than to follow the rules and support where we can. She’s a necessary follow for a blogger starting out. Following her around can teach you a lot.

@sambel08 is the exact same way. She is going to get you on every thread that you can think of to drop content and meet other bloggers. She is great at retweeting the things she is engaging in. That is invaluable in twitter friends folks. Retweeters are the ones that keep us all connected.

Sometimes we all do end up with the same people every day but other days you meet five new bloggers. Or three. Meeting bloggers and building a network helps you feel legitimate. Like you have a voice in a fledgling industry. We really are somewhat in it together out here in my Twitter neighborhood and these are good peeps.

Ok. We cruising into some of my favorite parts of the Twitterverse.

People that just interest me.


Isn’t she adorable. Lmao. Love the profile pic.

@poutineandprada has no idea how her screen name speaks to me. I love both poutine and Prada. Could we be kindred spirits? The verdict is still out. But right now, I tag her in games about books and she plays along. It makes me think she might be a nice upscale townhome with posh surroundings in a bomb part of #mywritingcommunity with all the delicious food within walking distance. Haha. My imagination is wild yall. I don’t know this woman.

Sarah blogs about fashion, online shopping, food, and she is SARCASTIC. And one more thing that blew my mind when preparing this uncharacteristically long, long, long post. —

She loves moto jackets.

Another Twitter love story guys. Another one.


I had to bring in her whole Twitter feed so you could see that I visit her on the shore of my community. We tweet while sipping wine and looking out at the waves.

She’s super nice guys. I’ve also found her on all social media networks and she’s brimming with positivity and pretty freaking dope pictures.

Check out her latest post on Wales!

Hannah is running Pages, Places, and Plates and first caught my eye because of the name. I love all of the above and I may try to entice her into some guest posts. πŸ™‚

#MyWritingCommunity is LiT.


My philosophy friends are so fun. They are like the crossing guards in my neighborhood. Making Twitterverse a little safer with guided conscience thought and kindness.

I love the idea of thinking things through.

@beingandniceness, the British strike again. Apparently, I have an all British section of my #WritingCommunity. I may have to make London a visit! If you follow Herstun, then you know I’m a huge fan of Being and Niceness’s work. He was our second Friday Follower. Like, follow him, and stick around. I am hoping to entice him into a guest spot one day too!

Ok. My second philosopher is a relatively new friend compared to many of the Twitter homes you have visited in my neighborhood thus far. — L. Farnsworth Colson. — I know. A really good name for a philosopher. I thought so too.

We met on a follow thread that caused me to dig deeper. He’s pretty cool.

So when I drove by his house in #mywritingcommunity neighborhood I was like… Yo, what the crap is “In the Shadow of Prometheus” — He got it up there all ominously and whatnot. Well.

Idk what the hell a philospophical science fantasy adventure is. But it is either going to be great or make my head hurt. We find out on May 4.

Speaking of heads hurting… All that thinking. A lot of crossguards can slow up the traffic. Makes you thirst for some reckless speed. Well, let’s round the corner to my favorite GIF and my favorite random person to check in on.

Tweeters I Love — But if you can’t show love… Then move on.

@smjwrites is a writer and freelance editor that has a special heart for fantasy. I love fantasy. Lol. They have hit me with some of the cutest GIFs since they joined their neighborhood to mine. I like their spirit and yet again… I do not know this person. So, If you are ok with they pronouns and looking for someone that is always tweeting cute pics of their kitties or new follow lists… @smjwrites is a can’t miss in my neighborhood.

@lmjuniper won me over with a really cool bio, a super vulnerable tweet, and by just reminding me of a much cooler Aamir Ali. Lmao. Don’t tell Aamir I said that. He is bold. He is so cool to me. Even his glasses. So yeah. I just enjoy cheering for people that are out here making things that are different. He definitely is. — Check out his pinned tweet.

If you know anything about me. Then you know that I love cities. I love to visit them. Not live in them. Twitter is like living in a big city where all my neighbors are diverse and chatty and most are pretty cool or at least entertaining.

Another writer whose feed I enjoy is @reeinspired. She’s an author from Maryland and a cancer survivor. She runs where you can find her book, blog, and Bible guidance.

Her feed is ALWAYS uplifting. She is NEVER negative or spewing hatred. Its all love and inspiration in Ree part of the neighborhood. I like to swing by at least weekly for a discussion on one of her random thoughts or something that happened on Netflix!

Alright. We are bringing this long ass tour of #MyWritingCommunity to a resounding close.

I don’t usually write things this long. But the writing community can probably handle it lmao. Ok. Next up is one of the first blogs I followed when I got on WordPress. He was wordlessly dropping his link in all the blog chats. No words. Ever. Well. He can write, and now he’s a part of my team! I think he’s pretty awesome. — @_nickdormus


If you made it this far down in my neighborhood… Then you have found my last follower for Friday and I hope that you will FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER and check his work out here on Herstun. Maybe any of these people will agree to one day be on Herstun. You never know what’s going to happen in my part of the Twitterverse yall. Shit gets pretty cray.

Nick Andre is tweeting sports & variety all day long.

Major Twitter Key

Make it your own. Make twitterverse what you want it to be. But try not to exclude too many people at first byte #WritingCommunity. Idk. I think if we can deal with these versions of ourselves together sometimes in Twitterworld then maybe its plausible to live together peacefully in our world. That’s real. Soooo….

I’m W.D. Herstun. Thanks for being a part of my journey now forever codified in this diary of sorts called Follower Friday. It has been really fun to connect with people all over the world.

And this is just the beginning.



Written and Edited by Herstun.

Please bear with the typos yall. It is LATE. Lmao. I have missed Friday but it will STILL BE #FF in my neighborhood dang it!!

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  1. Thank you so much for including me, and for your kind words. I follow some of these but looks like some new people to follow too! Always happy to consider a guest post 😊

  2. I’m glad you were able to find your place there. I’m still really bad at Twitter and us it mainly for news and TV stuff. I’m not a writer, so, unfortunately, I do not fit the writing community.

  3. Love this! It’s your bio in action β€œ…bringing people together one story at a time!” Now I have some more cool and supportive people to follow πŸ’•

  4. What a great post! I like you adore Twitter! Twitter really helps me network and helps me promote my blog. Love your blog by the way.

  5. This was so great! I’m just getting my feet wet in Twitter over the last month or two but I’ve loved interacting with all of the #WritingCommunity people. So much love and support going on there!

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