Mai Stiles Takes on Prom — Pt 2. The Promposal

Layla. Smh.

If you recall, we had quite a time getting the dress.

Well, to add to the drama —

She had her dress but no date.

The dress.

Which is fine, I wanted her night to be special and she certainly did not need a date in order for her to have a good time.

At this point, we’re literally 2 weeks out and I had decided on letting her plan the details because I know that I can take over — so,

I took a



And teenagers —

Man, they did not have ANYTHING in place.

So, one night as Layla was washing the dishes, I asked her —

“Hey! So, who are you going to the prom with?!”

Me to Layla in the kitchen about two weeks before said event.

She named about 13 people 😂 no lie. At this point, I knew for sure no one was on the same page and there was bound to be chaos. Right? Right.

So, what are your plans? 👀

Me to Layla in the same kitchen, on the same night, about two weeks before said event.

She wanted a limo,

dinner after the prom,

to go to an after party,

and some of her friends wanted to get a hotel to ‘kick it’ after all of that.

Listen, when it’s all said and done, all of this sounded pretty reasonable to me.

Layla is an A student, top 5% of her class, she transferred to another school in the middle of the semester, in her senior year and still managed to kick ASS!

And let’s not forget that she has been accepted into five colleges (she only applied to 6, waitlisted for 1 *flips hair*).

So, yes!

Whatever she wanted within reason

We were going to make happen.

So shortly after I asked her who she was going to prom with, she comes with this —

Vaughn told me to wear something cute all week because he is going to do my promposal, but he didn’t tell me exactly when!

Layla came home telling me this… Less than two weeks before the prom.

Vaughn was one of the 13 people she named. I thought it was cute that they decided to go together.

BUT, I am flabbergasted because prom is less than 2 weeks away. ✌🏾

And another thing PROMPOSAL? —

(A word referring to a proposal by either a male/female to a prospective date for prom, so I’ve learned).

Times have changed!

Yeah, he was a little late. It was cute though. And look at Layla’s smile. 🙄😊

Because, what’s the point of a promposal if you already know who your date is?

Riddle me that.

Plans also change. —

Yep, less than TWO weeks before the prom.

So, with me being a responsible adult and all, I asked Layla again about the limo.


No one could stick to the plan so 13 quickly became 4.

I was puzzled.

Prom was in one week and they had no way of getting there.

No one had a license or a plan.

Hey, what do you think about renting an Escalade and being the chauffeur for Layla’s prom?

Me to my husband… Less than one week to Layla’s prom.
Live footage of my husband responding to my question.

Find out what my husband said next week exclusively on Herstun FM Readio.

Thank you for spending this prom season with me and my family.

And, as always, thanks for taking a little time to make Mai Stiles yours.


Written By Mai Stiles. Edited By Herstun.

MAI STILES IS COVERING PROM 2K19 THIS SEASON with her 3 part series! SHE’S TELLING US ALL ABOUT THE NEWEST TRENDS WITH TEENAGERS, HER BEAUTIFUL FAMILY, AND HOW SHE SURVIVES IT ALL. Mai is a staple here and I hope y’all love her as much as I do because she will be here as often as I can get her here!

It has been a pleasure to watch her become a stronger writer right before my eyes. I love it. Can’t wait for the future. Check back with her exclusively on 89.1 Feel Fierce — Fashion Herstun FM Readio.

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  1. Working with teens I have started to see this whole Promposal trend and while I will say I don’t completely understand ‘why’, if it brings them so much joy than why not hahaha!

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