can a sista have it all… you know, the fairytale?

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(figuratively and literally πŸ˜€) about whatever pops into my mind and affects my feelings. Ooh Lord, all the feels. 🀣 But, on a serious note, I think it’s dope that we can share a platform such as this to express ourselves and converse about life, the beauty and intricacy of it all. So, let’s get into it sistas. Can you have it ALL? We’ll see. πŸ’πŸ½

the vision.

Say, once upon a time. There was a beautiful twenty-something melanin sista. Sitting at a desk, taping her shiny gel manicured, hot pink almond-shaped nails on a beautiful sunny afternoon πŸŒ… (or was it a rainy cold night πŸŒƒ)? Let’s go with beautiful sunny afternoon. The sun was showing off, 🌞 looking glamorous, shining so bright, peaking through her corner desk window as soft old school R&B music was played throughout her cubicle. Stuck answering phones at her mundane, boring day job working hard (probably hardly working) and thinking, “my Lord is this supposed to be my life?

He answered, “well what is it, beautiful Queen (yasss, God you better call her a Queen lol) you would like?” She replied, “I want purpose For my life and a career, something that drives me, a house that I own, maybe even a cute dog, oh and um, that little cute Balenciaga (a clearing of the throat from God) Sorry Lord I got a little carried away but basically I want it ALL. You know? The fairytale.” Instantly an unforeseen flash 🚨 comes before her eyes. She can see it so clearly. It feels so real and then bam πŸŽ† — She conceives the vision. Immediately, she begins the process of groundwork. Every day, there she was at her desk with pen and pad ✍🏾 configuring her plan to turn this gift from a vision into a passion, into the real thing. The fairytale.

the passion.

I like to tell a little story for the visual. Stay with me. Now, as I was saying. Bam! πŸŽ† Her vision could no longer be contained. The passion was activated, blood now pulsating through her veins. Exhilarating her eagerness for life, creating an aura around her that she hadn’t recognized herself, yet. It contained a translucent hue of purple, orange, blue, yellow and red. Appeared like spirits dancing around her. Nobody in the flesh knew what to call it. Although, the spirit called it passion. So, her assignment began.

the grind.


She was grinding baby! Feeling a lot like the late, great Nipsey Hussle, “All my life, I been grinding all my life.It was hard out there for a sista. And truth be told she hadn’t even been at it all her life. 😩 Although, that was neither ‘here nor there’, she still decided that her vision and passion was worth going all in for. So, she sacrificed everything she loved, bumped into a man, messed around and fell in love. As fulfilling as it felt this was not apart of the plan. She was on her grind. Trying to get to the bag, you know? She didn’t know how to fit him in. In fact, she felt he might even be in the way of her passion and the goals of reaching it. Time went on and very few of her goals had been accomplished. Not due to lack of hard work but rather the unrealistic expectations of the fairytale she’d dreamt. A plan she meticulously thought out. A vision that was given to her by the good Lord. Every package she received was extremely unrecognizable so she sent them bitches back, quickly. Considering she was unable to realize God had sent her all the golden things she needed she was now in between the intersection of ‘Girl Bye’ and ‘This isn’t my ministry’ crouched down in her Wang dress and Chanel shoes (like Maya Rudolf on bridesmaids) — stuck and confused. Screaming this isn’t MY fairytale God. He replied, I know it’s mine and when you let go of that stronghold-grip you have on it, take back all the golden things I sent you and change your perspective. Then and only then, will you be walking in it instead of in the middle of the intersection with your cute dress on crying.” And well… that’s all folks… the end. Naw, truthfully the rest of the story depends on her perspective. So, queens this maybe be difficult to hear but, CHANGE IT!

change your perspective.

Life isn’t a Disney fairytale. Or even the one I wrote. It sounds cute for the movies and on your IG memes. However, the reality is your fairytale is your OWN fairytale. It will never be perfect and yet that’s what makes it so perfect. See, it’s truly about continuing to walk and trust God throughout your life. It’s accepting the good and the bad of your story. It’s loving your circumstances and your war wounds. It’s self-love first and never looking for wholeness in another human being.

Your fairytale is tied up in understanding that the course of your life may change. Excepting and embracing that. It’s coming to terms with the fact that your mate WON’T be perfect yet your both worth the picture still. Knowing the essential jewels in life have nothing to do with “the bag”. Independent women, it’s ok to love and have a partner, even if the last one hurt you. Finally, it’s you taking that vision and the purple haze (no punt intended) called passion and going on that journey to your own pyramids. Losing on the way, gaining on the way. Swallowing the wholeness of knowledge. Discovering new talents, gifts and abilities you never knew you had. Being lost until your found.

so, yes sista’s… you CAN have it all.

The unexpected package and acceptance of change doesn’t mean you’re settling. It just means you’re one bad ass woman who is confident enough to know she deserves it ALL yet understands the ALL isn’t just her own to decide. A lesson I’ve been learning in my twenties.

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Written By Morgan. Edited By Herstun.

So happy to have Morgan back with us twice a month on #WCW. She here on a Thursday this time but we are still working our flow out here on Herstun FM Readio. Regardless, so excited to have her back and continuing to grace us with the Poetic Saga of a Southern Girl in LA. This time tackling another issue we have had on the site before, can we have it all? These are things that plague minds around the world apparently. Can the modern woman balance it all? What is the fairy tale? What are your fairy tales? Do men ask themselves the same question? I’ll share my fairytale in the comments. Join me there.


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2 thoughts on “can a sista have it all… you know, the fairytale?

  1. My fairytale is to be able to write what I want without academia or publishing house or salary or anything dictating the way it flows. Just write what I want. Read what I want. All day long.
    Basically β€” completely infeasible lmao. Ain’t nobody paying for that! 😩 and I got this child on my hip now. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
    So I agree with u. Expectations must meet reality somewhere along the way for all of us for sure!! Im going to have to listen and write for my clients and the academy to continue building something to take care of my little one. Sigh. Such is life.

  2. I am not a “Sista” on the outside, but I am on the inside. I am no a 20 year old millenia, but I feel you where you are. You do have the ability to have it all ~ Your perspective is what matters most. Changing your perspective can change your destiny. You’ve got this…it’s already done.

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