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The Village By Flow the DJ feat. unCED

April 19, 2019

I just walked through the hood today

Felt like I didn’t have to tuck my chain away.

If you gotta spend a dollar

Spend it round the way.

Cause if we building for tomorrow

Gotta start today.

All the kids in the village that we helped to raise

Living better than celebrities they used to praise.

Went to college, graduated, and they got degrees

Now they doctors, lawyers… GETTIN’ PAID!

It’s amazing…

We can influence a generation

To stop being complacent.

Gon’ make it where we ain’t been

If I got the wave you can ride the wave.

Cause to make it to the top you gotta ride the wave.

And if I crash down

Hope you do the same.

They say to be the change that you want to see —

And if you got a dream then you must believe.

That’s why I make the music for the world to see.


Music Written & Produced By Flow the DJ

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We got a fire collaboration out of Georgia this Friday. Two former roommates and clearly both artistic souls collaborating on something to motivate us all to be better to our neighborhoods, not just the ones we live in, but the ones that we all live in.

Best way to get in touch with unCED currently is via his IG so make sure you click, like, and follow. He is a growing artist and illustrator out of East Atlanta.

I chose unCED and largely his ink works because they bring another element of reality to the words. Ink is like building with concrete almost. Or stone. It’s so harsh but the way unCed using his hand, he breathes life into the figures so there is a softness in the blackest of ink even. It is uncanny. And there are always imperfections with ink. Think that suits the village. Village ain’t never going to be perfect. But can it still produce the image we need for the future. For our kids and all that. I liked Ink for this one. Knew unCED was the place to turn.

This entire piece reminded me of Flint, Michigan this week. There is something interesting about watching the entire thing play out over the years and feeling almost helpless outside of donations. What does it teach our children watching this crisis play out over our shoulders on television or via their friends at school?

Is it possible to take responsibility for our communities and take care of each other in the absence of outside resources? Can we be our own resources in impoverished, black, and brown communities? What does the village look like in 2019? Interesting thoughts. Let us know what you think.

Shout out to Athens, GA for the connection between Flow’s verse, unCed’s ink, and my thought. Athens is a name known for artistic renaissance yall. Parallels. Ha. We ain’t going anywhere. So.


Dedicated to the villages sustaining life in Flint, Michigan. May we learn and not repeat.
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