Culture Shock – Verse 3 – Becoming Aamir Ali

Culture shock

Imagine growing up faster than you wanted to,

but also only seeing the world from one side.

The lenses were not rosetinted

I knew the world was not rainbows and sunshine.

It was the color of confusion.

Having feelings that religion told me I would go to hell for,

And those who judge have no issues throwing stones.

Later on I found out that women who like women was actually a thing. Go figure.

So since I appeared to be a woman — I put that label on myself.


It seemed to fit, like a shirt that feels comfortable when you try it on but not so when you wear it out.

I got comfortable not being comfortable.

No one seemed to know.

I didn’t know.

This went on for years with womencoming and going, one after the other

I felt disconnected, using them to satisfy a need whatever that need may have been.

I retired from being okay with what I saw when they considered me attractive.

I called it dressing up the ugly.

Not just my physical but my ego, my soul.

Labels are boxes.

No wait.

They are cages,

or jail cells

where you can see everything going on around you…

but you are stuck.

You put yourself in this place you don’t seem to have a key to let yourself out of.

My poetry was my escape.

It took me to a place where I was exactly who I was supposed to be.

My poetry knew me, it spelled it all out, I was too deaf, dumb and blind to get it.

I didn’t have that revelation until several years later…

To Be Continued.


Written By Aamir Ali. Edited By Herstun.

We are welcoming back our very first original exlcusive on Herstun FM Readio on his brand new day! That’s right. Aamir is going to be our #MCM evening every Monday that we can bring him here.

Not all of the pieces I receive move me to art. This one by Aamir did but I couldn’t find the right artist. Counldn’t connect the piece with the right visuals.

After talking to him, we decided to just let the words be. I love the way it came out. (Aamir is one of the best people to work with. Easygoing and understanding. Always bringing good energy. I’m truly blessed to have made the many connections I have in my short life.)

When I was a little girl I needed glasses pretty early in life. Everything was blurry and I didn’t even know it. After my mom bought my first pair, I could suddenly see the leaves on the trees. Culture Shock reminded me of that. What if you lived your entire existence in the blur? And then suddenly the world got clear and so did you. Bam. And suddenly you are Becoming Aamir. Ha. Everyone’s journey isn’t as drastic. But a lot of us live life in the blur and hopefully, Aamir can motivate us to let go of that fear. And step into the vibrancy of who are.


Can’t get enough of Aamir? His story is one of my favorites on Herstun FM Readio and he will be here as long as I can keep him so check out Becoming Aamir Ali and show love.

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4 thoughts on “Culture Shock – Verse 3 – Becoming Aamir Ali

  1. I can’t find the right word to describe this post . it strikes to the cord to every fibre of my being . tags are crazy ..if only there was no tag and religion or laws guiding us I’m sure I would want to be married to a woman . not married to a man who would want to control me but too bad there’s a tag called lesbian and my society and religion is not OK with it

    1. Our society is dictated by labels and rules that those who consider themselves “normal” control. We dare to step out of those strict lines and become ourselves, thus bringing about ridicule. Those of us that can stand beneath that pressure are the ones I believe will change the world.

      1. Change will always come from those who can stray away from the norm, step out of that box and make your own norm.

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