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Mai Prom Stiles – The Tux & The Big Day

April 24, 2019

I went to my husband and asked him —

“Hey what do you think about renting an Escalade and being the chauffeur for Layla’s prom?”

I thought it was an amazing idea because the most important thing was her safety, and being her chauffeur made that guaranteed.

Now, her friends on the other hand…

They weren’t too keen on the idea.

I can’t say that I blame them.


That can’t be fun, right?


Levante and I are 31 years young, we’re all about fun. 


It’s finally the week of prom and Layla’s date didn’t have ANYTHING to WEAR.

Here come Layla in the house one day. —

“Mai, do you think you could help Vaughn (her date, as of TWO WEEKS AGO 🙄)?

He needs to pick out something for prom?!”

It was my time to shine! Right?!

Man, no.

Helping him was harder than helping Layla.

My Husband
Our 2 Babies
His Mom
His Older Brother

We were all in the first store trying to make it work.

It was HARD and mainly because we didn’t have Layla’s dress on hand, it was still at the tailor. — (Remember, Layla was shopping for a dress forever.)

He was a little late. We focusing on her smile though ya’ll. Lol. Focus. We running out of time to find this young man something to WEAR.

We had to get something that day in order to be ready by Saturday. — (Remember, we started planning this TWO WEEKS before the big day.)

So we dragged most of the crew through three stores.

Luckily for us, the old cliche ‘third time’s the charm’ actually worked in our favor.


Everything looked perfect on him.


I had my fingers crossed hoping that the silver accents that we chose for Vaughn’s tuxedo actually matched Layla’s gown.

The day of the Prom came and everything went smoothly.

Everyone and their families met at our house.

We didn’t get the Escalade —

But we did get a Suburban which was more than perfect.

We dropped the kids’ off at prom — Levante and I decided to make a date night out of it.

As soon as we were walking into the restaurant, Layla texted us telling us that they were ready.




All of that hard work that I put in for them only to be there for 20 mins?!


Well, we were the chauffeurs after all, right?

We picked them up and took them to dinner.

We even went to the restaurant next door to the one they went to, because we didn’t want to be those parents.

After dinner, we took them to the hotel to get dressed for the after party.

Long story short we made it work.

Because that’s what family does.

It wasn’t always easy.

But I think that we made it a night that they we all would remember.

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Credits & Notes

Written By Mai Stiles. Edited By Herstun.

I know that if you read this far down you might like the content enough on this site to wonder why on earth Herstun would spotlight and feature prom. Check out Why in depth Here.

BIg shout out to Mai Stiles for giving us a three-part peek into a modern American rite of passage — Senior Prom. It has been a privilege.

prom is doing exactly what a rite of passage is designed to do. Giving people a reason to celebrate each other and our favorite people all while learning. I really did enjoy celebrating with Mai Stiles this year. Even if Layla only went inside for 20 minutes. Lmao. I spent more time EDITING ABOUT PROM THEN SHE SPENT INSIDE THE DANG THING.

Live footage of my face as I live vicariously through Mai Stiles. 20 minutes?!?!

Check out who helped these looks come together for our teenage prom duo.

Layla’s Hair — Jasmyne Stringer


Make-Up & Styling of Layla & Vaughn — Mai Stiles

Prom Dress — Lulu’s

Accessories — Burlington’s

Vaugn’s Tux — Savvi Formalwear

Special Shoutout to the Teenagers Participating Layla, Vaughn, and company. (Some names changed.)
Can’t get enough of Mai Stiles? Check out the entire prom series on Esclusively Herstun FM Readio.

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