Life the Marathon By Flow the DJ feat Chaos

One day you’ll pass on

When the Lord calls you home

When will that time come?

See you really never know

So just try to live your life before you go

Give your loved ones the roses before the scent is gone

Don’t just live your Life in a cloud of weed and alcohol

On the hamster wheel

They ain’t tell you life a marathon?

Boy they lied….

Cause Time flies

10,000 Hours

I know you need the money

But everybody got a Dream

When you come home from your day job

Spend some time perfecting

Your craft where your Heart at

Don’t do it for the cash

Do it for the Love

10,000 into my passion

Seasons change, they rearrange

I feel like they be acting

SUMMER rain fades away

Green grass turns gray

People start to FALL back

Can’t get a call back

Shoulders cold as the WINTER

Only there when I’m a winner

10,0o0 hours the time I put into my passion

Working like it’s going out of fashion

SPRING back into action

Then I start laughing

Because the people back to acting


Time Flies



Music Written & Produced By Flow the DJ.


I went completely left and chose to pair Flow the DJ with the writer from Thursday. He instructed me to find an artist but… Something about the message he highlighted in this just drew me right back to the story of Chaos discovering himself somewhere in the balance of the chaos of the wild and the clarity of education.

You can devote tens of thousands to hours to your job and to the security of the material things around you. I do. I devote hours of my life working to sustain the brick and mortar that surrounds me. As that’s happening, time is flying by me.

Maybe Chaos was able to make the brave decisions he made to quit the military and quit society’s hamster wheel because he met death as an event at such a young age. He thinks he’s from chaos, but maybe he’s the one operating in clarity. This clip from Flow the DJ certainly makes me think so.

curated by w.d. herstun
Colorado (Chaos) + Jamaica (Flo) + Georgia (wilde)

So here we have two American brothers… Trying to tell me something. Lol. I’m listening. I think it is the male version of the question the women on this site keep asking. Can we have it all?

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Flow is a rapper raised in Decatur, GA. He started writing music at the age of 13, recording his 1st song in East Orange, NJ where he would visit for the Summer. He took a brief hiatus from writing music to DJ in college but quickly got back to his roots...

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