Love, I Don’t Trust You By Jazzo feat. Patrick Dougher and Lauryn Hill


A severe mental disorder in which thoughts and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

I remember when you called me beautiful, you’ve only said it once.

That time you said you needed space, I felt like I’d been punched.

I started clinging to vices —

I stayed high and drunk.

But the liquor never penetrated, I only felt numb.

This has occurred so many times, you’d think that I’d be fine.



and I


I’m a victim to my mind.

Out of all my losses that I feel —

what hurts the most is lost time.

All the hours spent and the days wasted, leaving me slightly past my prime.

Disappointment reigns supreme, over being mad and not knowing.

You decided the race wasn’t worth the run, but you let me keep going.

I learned a lot and I felt a lot,

now I’m finally free.

I knew I loved you way too much.

But not more than I love me. 💯

#LoveAlways #LetsGrow

curated by w.d. herstun


Written by Jazzo. Edited by Herstun.
Jazzo is quickly reminding me why I fell in love with her writing. She is easily my favorite unpublished writer and I hope to continue to build her resume and find her an industry agent. Books will have her name. I believe that. She can write. Follow her on twitter.
I chose to pair her with Patrick Dougher because his work is so amazing. He takes my breath away with his prolific mixed media creations and paintings. Follow Patrick on Instagram.

(All of the artwork featured in this post is for sale as of the date of publication. Please visit


If you look carefully each piece of art displays a portion of Jazzo’s words.
The first picture is the sun melting away the person’s reality. Sun burning as hot as the love burns through us at times. In the second work, Jazz is talking about clinging to vices and the woman’s hands are bleeding even as they lay so perfectly on her lap.
Its almost as if through those vices the woman has created a mask that’s acceptable to the world as viewed in the following picture. Then she finally releases the toxic love of other as seen with the skull and crossbones. Finally finding her way to love of self and peace. As evident in the final piece of art by Dougher.
The idea of love as a psychosis that shifts reality is interesting.
Isn’t that what loving God does? Shifts reality to something more palatable? Explain the reason we have to lose things and people that mean the most to us? Maybe that is kind of what Jazzo is writing about here. Losing yourself in love. If you are going to lose yourself in love then it might best be to lose it in love of self or love of God. Because loving God requires you to love and care for yourself as well.
Love is always interesting topic. We have all seen those cute movies and shows but man they do a terrible job of reflecting how HARD love really is. It isn’t easy. It is painful and ridden with fuckups. But when shit is falling apart it seems like we all run to the word and feeling of ‘love’ for comfort. Why don’t we teach our children about love?
I think Lauryn hill opened her epic album the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill with a similar question. What are we intentionally teaching our children and future generations about love and what do we understand about love?
Start at 5:14 on this youtube video (or the interlude following the first track on the album) to listen to a teacher asking children what love means in 1998 when Hill recorded the award-winning album.
Special thanks to Patrick Dougher

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