Hey loves! Welcome back for another “WCW” and today’s article is definitely fitting of the “WCW” title. How many times have you seen others that you admire and think wow I’d like to look like that or have that type of spirit? I’m sure we’ve all done that at some point in our lives. Everyone wants to look good and feel amazing!

All of that is cool, but I believe that glow derives from within and has to be developed over time. See, the body is your temple and it encompasses the mind, all of its functions and the spirit. Many times we neglect cleansing ourselves from the inside out and then grovel over what we see in the mirror. Yet, how can one expect to receive the best of its body if it is being ignored? So, today I’d like to explore the deepest depths of self, to help cleanse and purify the soul.

Baptize you with a little glow water and get you to see yourself as your own #WCW.

Get up! Girl, wash your face.

These were literally my mother’s words (well…kinda but shout to Rachel Hollis for making them famous) when I was thirteen and in middle school, with emotions out of this world going through my awkward stage. She’d tell me how important it was to take care of the body (temple) God gave me, and how good I would feel if I did. Now, she may have taken it a little over board with the, “make sure you keep the bathroom door closed when you get out of the tub so the steam will stay in as you put your lotion on speech”, but it kept your girls skin on fleek.


I love my skin! I enjoy talking about skin, inquiring about skin, sampling new skin products. I am all about SKIN! SKIN! SKIN! Personally, I think skin is your God-given accessory, it should be soft and radiant no matter how light or dark or in between it is, give that baby tender love and care. I remember getting my first facial when I was nineteen at Chateau Elan in Atlanta, Ga. My esthetician was from London and asked me what I used in my skin regimen. I didn’t use anything at the time but good ole’ soap and water. She informed me that the girls in London start their skin regimen at seventeen. Immediately, I dived even deeper into skin care. Throughout the years I have found products I absolutely adore and a regimen that never fails me.

So, girl let’s get into it! Here are some things I’ve discovered are extremely important to have in your everyday skin regimen. Mini fridge items are what I like to call them because I like to keep a lot of my products cold. They work amazing on the skin (however, not a must): cleanser, moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, face masks and makeup remover wipes if you wear makeup. Try to find products that are made without parabens, GMO, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, paraffin and synthetic fragrances.

Currently, I’m using the Apple Rose line for cleanser, moisturizer and serum (their line is super natural and awesome). They also donate some of the proceeds to women who are victims of sex trafficking. My fave makeup remover wipes are the Neutrogena night calming packs in purple. They gently remove your makeup and leave you with a great glow afterward. You can’t lose with these must-haves! In addition, pick a day when you have time to pamper yourself for things like face masks. I like to do all my mask treatments on Sunday’s.

Now, on to the body… Find a great scrub for your skin type along with a loofah and once a week, scrub baby scrub (softly) and purify that skin! Follow up with a body wash that excludes a lot of harsh chemicals. I like to use the brand Jason, you can get them from your local Sprouts. Lastly, keep that door closed honey, we wouldn’t want the steam to get out and oil/lotion up good. Any oil is good, presently I’m using apricot oil and I like to get my oils from Sprouts as well. They’re all 100%.


This article is titled baptism for a reason, it’s the purification of one’s self. How you gonna do that without water? 😂 Water is the essential key we need to survive. I mean it’s really a big deal! Like, have you ever noticed when you’ve had one too many drinks the night prior and you get up in the morning feeling like death. You drink water and it’s insane how revived and alive you feel. Same, with a shower. When you’re full of anxiety and maybe even bearing a bout of depression when you finally get up and get in the shower there is something about the water that is rescuing. I love water! Which takes me to the plant-based lifestyle. I’ve been on this journey for almost a year now and have tried to put everyone I know on the same path. However, I understand that it isn’t for everyone. Yet, that is no excuse not to control what you consume. Eat clean people! Clean! Try alkaline fruits and veggies and start reading the back of the items you choose to eat. A lot of those items are labeled with “food-like” names but are straight up chemicals. Eating plant-based and clean helps promote healthier digestive systems, growing nails and hair, radiant skin and a clearer mind. It is one of the best choices I’ve made in my adulthood! Check out Dr. Sebi’s website for a guide on nutritional alkaline foods.


The older we get the more difficult it may become to stay active and workout. In high school maybe you were apart of a sport and they had you working out every muscle yet you didn’t know it because you were participating in something you love. Now, in your twenties or thirties and someone has to drag you off the couch and beg you to workout. But, it’s a must. A pain in the ass, but a must! What I’ve found is if you stay consistent you will begin to love the after effect and start to enjoy the process of the gym more. Working out gives you great endurance, energy, spiritual enlightenment (connection to oneself) and all around good mental vibes. There is nothing better then walking past the mirror and saying ooh, damn I’m fine (shout out to Cardi B)! So, make it drip, make it drip and get your sweat on.

cleanliness is next to GODLINESS

Pretty much. So stay clean Queens. That’s from the soul to the flesh. Stay connected to the source (God) and be your own WCW. Keep inspiring and sharing what you know.



P.S. I’m working on a spoken word piece about this very topic and I can’t wait to share it with you soon. Also, let’s stay connected Queens… hit all my socials and be social lol love ya!


Written By Morgan. Edited By Herstun.

Always a pleasure working with a professional. It was fun reading how she takes care of herself spelled out. Some of it sounds like it would be common knowledge but it is crazy how easy we can forget to do these small things in the havoc that is adulthood.

Morgan is putting that work in to become Herstun’s all-time favorite #WCW. What do you think? Catch her here again in a couple of weeks and make sure you follow her on IG and YouTube linked in above.

#LoveAlways #LetsGrow

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2 thoughts on “BAPTISM.

  1. Thought this was going to be a religious post for some reason! Boy was I pleasantly surprised! Love the idea of this, how it started by telling us to be our own WCW! Then to read on and get such sound advice? Magic!

    Thank you for sharing ! 😀

    Love this blog by the way! The layout is so professional and clean.

  2. Love the natural product recommendations here for healthy skin! I really appreciated that you noted the importance of eating a healthy diet. So much of what we put into our bodies affects not only the outside of our body, but our mind as well. Such a lovely list of healthy habits! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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