Greek Freak for MVP!

Giannis Antetokounmpo has had a monster season for Milwaukee this year.

For the past two to three years, I have highly criticized him for not being the leader he had the potential to be. This season, he has shown me and the rest of the critics that he is a 5-star-athlete. He has what it takes to lead a team to the best record in the NBA.

Giannis this season led the Milwaukee Bucks to a 60-22 record through the regular season. That’s the best record in franchise history since the 2001 season when the team finished 52-30 for the season. Giannis finally figured out how to get a great team together and have a successful regular season.

With the support of Kris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe, Brook Lopez, and others, the Bucks made Giannis’ job easy. Antetokounmpo was able to play well off of his teammates’ success.

Giannis has career highs all over the charts. He averaged 27.7 PPG through the regular season alongside 12.5 RPG as well. It appears that he grasped a new mindset this season, as he looked better both physically and mentally on the court.

It seems like it was only yesterday when Kobe Bryant challenged Giannis to win an MVP Award for the 2017-2018 season.

Although it took about a year to get going, Giannis finally received his recognition and has a nomination for the MVP award this offseason. Players and fans will have their eyes glued to the NBA Awards this year. We will get to see who will win the MVP Award between Giannis and Harden.

Both have had stellar seasons for their clubs.

But, I believe that Giannis is the NBA’s most valuable player based off of his consistency all season and leading his team to the best record in the NBA.

I know that I’m only 1/3 of the NBA fans that vote for the players. But, I hope others vote Giannis for MVP as it will be highly deserving for the Greek Freak.

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I missed having sports on the site so much! After a short hiatus, we welcome them back with my favorite sport of them all, basketball.
I haven’t paid close attention this season. life has been hectic but my first question is whether or not Giannis or harden has been out hurt more? Who played the most games/minutes? I would love to see the Greek Freak win one but I am a huge Harden fan too so I would have to see the break down before casting my vote!
Sports is a fun distraction that teaches all sorts of life lessons. I love watching the professionals in motion and Giannis Antetokounmp is an ARTIST on that court. He has the body for the game and the desire to win. I’m sure that as long as he stays healthy, then he will be a joy to watch for many seasons to come!

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