Status Quo By Nessla1 feat. Patrick Dougher

I really only had 2 options growing up,

  • Option 1. Become a black queen, causing stereotypes to be broken and live up to my highest potential.
  • Option 2. Or be a black hoe, living up to the status quo that was constantly being embedded!

I heard it every day and it made me question my sexuality.




All because I showed interest in the opposite sex?

All because the pubescent stage of my life was in full effect and drew attention from men with ill intentions?

It wasn’t my fault!

It wasn’t my fault, you know?

I’m not saying the good times didn’t exist and I’m not saying you did anything on purpose.

You couldn’t help it!

Hurt people hurt people, you know?

Maybe focusing on being the opposite made it become the exact opposite.

I used to blame you, you know?

Because like the status quo,

You fell victim to the plague entrenching our society, accepting what was designed to destroy our culture.

And because mental health is taboo in our community, you avoided treatment and allowed your sickness to become contagious within your own home.

And as it slowly migrated through each of us, I couldn’t help to think it hit me the hardest, affecting my mentality before it reached maturity.

Dreams of a better life beyond my reality became the norm and I even reflected on reincarnating my spirit because I hated what my current one embodied.

I blamed you, you know?

Hurt people, they hurt people.

And the effects of your pain…I felt directly

Self-hate the diagnosis, a virus that was excreted from you to me and unfortunately, there wasn’t anything that could be prescribed as a cure.

It had to run its course.

A course that persevered for 16 years with no remorse.

I used to blame you, you know.

Now I know, that true blame lies with the status quo.


curated by w.d. herstun

Credits & WildeNotes

Written by Nessla1. Edited by Herstun.
Nessla1 continues to bless us with poetry written from the perspective of a survivor. She has been through familial setbacks, survived generational poverty, and domestic abuse to become the strong mental health advocate that she is today. We will continue hearing from her on a regular basis on her regular night #WCW. So stay tuned and follow her on Instagram and facebook. She follows back!
I chose to keep the visual artist of the day, Patrick Dougher. He is just so multitalented that I relish the opportunity to feature him and his various mediums. Follow him on Instagram!
The first two images of women are chosen deliberately to be confusing. Why does one have to be the queen and other the hoe? Is it simply the presence of clothing or modesty that allows us to make that snap judgement?
This is my first time seeing anyone use cans this way and it is awesome. What a unique way to make someone’s trash into treasure. I love the way he continues the strong voice and style from his other mediums right onto the can.

2 thoughts on “Status Quo By Nessla1 feat. Patrick Dougher

  1. I’m glad that I waited until I had a quite moment to myself to read this. It’s so very emotionally tumultuous in the perfect places and in the end the reader is somewhat rewarded with an edification, despite feeling the anguish from the poet. Thank you.

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