Mai Family Stiles – A Timeline – 2011 to 2013 – The Birth of Us

I know that it has been a while since we have discussed my family in detail.

But if you recall, the last time we met about Mai family timeline, I told you about the year I met my husband.


Even though we spent time together after 2007, the next time we spoke, I was deployed to Iraq and he was married to someone else.


It’s 2011.

In August, Prince William capped a fairy tale romance with Kate Middleton in a huge royal wedding. —

She walked down the aisle in an iconic dress designed by Sarah Burton, the creative director behind the luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen.

Beyoncé announced her pregnancy on the 2011 VMA’s in a tuxedo featuring a glittering and sparkling Dolce & Gabbana jacket.

And in 2011, my husband I were just friends.

And not the type of friends that knew everything about each other either.

Because he NEVER BROUGHT UP the fact that his mother had passed.

I literally knew NOTHING about his family.

Our friendship was always light and easy.

I found him funny as hell.

Well. In 2011, he got divorced.

I was stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi.

And he was sationed TWO HOURS away.

Whenever I had drill, he would come and visit.

By 2013 —

My now divorced, future husband and I talked all the time.

But he was seeing other people —

And so was I.

The Met Gala featured punk in 2013.

Kim Kardashian made her Met Gala debut on the arm of Kanye West.

Photo courtesy of Timothy A Clary for AFP via

She rocked Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy and held her very pregnant tummy beside a very healthy looking Yeezy.

And this year, 2013, the future Mr. Mai Stiles decided he wanted to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with ME!

He had a basketball tournament.

And I had always wanted to see him play.

He was sooooooo good.

I couldn’t believe it.

Seriously, if he were a foot taller, then he would have gone to the NBA and I probably never would have met him.

He was so good that roughly nine or ten months later…

November 2013, to be more precise…

I gave birth to our son.

Everything happened so fast with us.

Suddenly, we were parents of this amazing little gift.

One moment, my husband was cutting downcourt and flirting with me on the sidelines and the next moment I was giving life to our future.

By now, I knew everything about the father of my son.

He has three brothers and two younger sisters.

He is the third oldest in the family of six kids.

I learned about his hard upbringing on the Southside of Chicago and his parents’ battles with addiction.

I couldn’t believe the person that I had fallen in love with went through so much darkness but still managed to be a light for me.

2013 was the year we started our family.

But like everything done my style (or Mai Stile 😉), we moved faster than we could have ever imagined from us and our firstborn to the full house we have now.

My husband brought me love, and then multiplied it. 🥰

To be continued.

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Credits & Wildenotes

Written By Mai Stiles and W.D. Herstun. Edited By Herstun.
We have Mai Stiles guest appearing on #FlowFriday and #FlashbackFriday with the second installment of her super cute love story.
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I love Mai Stiles. 🥰 I always have. She manages to be laid back while still standing for something. And I love people with opinions.
It’s fun working with her because we get to exercise our love for fashion in different ways. It was important for me to share the story of her family because they are remarkable Americans. Two veterans that have defined their lives through sacrifice and hard work.
The things she has overcome definitely influence her voice as a stylist and influencer. And she is exclusively on Herstun FM Readio. So. If you haven’t take the time to meet Mai Stiles before today, I am glad that you made it to the journey.

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