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I actually am.

I thought for the longest I was pro-choice seeing as I am a woman who enjoys the free will of making all my own decisions in life. You know, mind your own business and what have you.

But, today I’m pro-life.


Not fetus.

Actual viable life.

Like the lives of the children that are locked in cages at our southern border.

Like the lives of the MILLIONS of innocent and nonviolent offenders that are being held in private prisons for profit.

Like the lives of the students who can’t get an education safely or in peace because assault rifles are WANTED on our streets.

Like the lives of the little kids with the addict mothers, who many believe doesn’t deserve to eat due to a positive drug test.

Like the lives of the students in urban public schools that there is never any funding for.

Like the lives of the hundred of thousand missing black girls, that no one is looking for.

So, as of today, I’m pro-life.

I’m supporting life.

Actual life.

A good definition of what it means to be pro-life is simply this: Being pro-life means to be against the unjust taking of human life.

But seeing as that didn’t include the unjust takings of Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

Pro-lifers are really more concerned with the removal of a viable fetus, but never a life.

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Written and Edited By ShesReeLateable.
Honestly, I am tired of talking, reading, and thinking about abortion.
I know that is not the answer. So I am attempting to do my part in the battle by publishing around the topic.
But it is hard.
It certainly has the feeling of beating a dead horse.
I am tired of beating the dead horse, ya’ll. So tired.
Ree does a good job of explaining why she is pro-life. I do believe that there are real pro-life advocates that want to protect life in its many manifestations. But you don’t have to look far to be reminded that not even the Catholic Church thought of a fetus in quickening, or in the first three months of fetal development, as new life.
Ree’s piece is reminiscent of spoken word. I could hear her reciting it in a coffeehouse amid political debate. That’s the beauty of America. We have to keep the discourse going, even when it feels like we are beating the dead horse.
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