LaMelo Ball. Journey to the NBA. By Nick Andre Feat SLAM Magazine

LaMelo Ball is the son of LaVar Ball, founder of Big Baller Brand and younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers point guard, Lonzo Ball.

17 years old. 6’5″. 165 lbs.

LaMelo was going into his junior year of high school when his dad Lavar decided to pull his son due to differences between himself and the coach.

Later that year LaMelo went overseas to play for Lithuania.

The experience was one to remember as the youngest ball brother learned everything it took to become a professional athlete and played on the same court as his brother LiAngelo.

After his one season in Lithuania, LaVar started his own semi-pro league for high school graduates called the JBA (Junior Basketball Association).

Of course, being the son of the owner, LaMelo was the star of the league and dominated on both sides of the court. He stuffed the stats each game and reminded people that he was still a top prospect in the country.

LaVar and The Big Baller Brand believed that playing professional basketball at an early age will benefit LaMelo as far as getting the opportunity to get drafted to the NBA.

This past season, the decision was made to return to play basketball in high school.

LaMelo signed to play prep basketball for Jermaine Jackson at Spire Academy in Ohio.

“SPIRE Academy in Geneva, Ohio is one of the most – if not the most- exciting high school basketball teams in the country, combining talented players with an up-tempo style of play that makes for mind-boggling highlights and sheer dominance;” according to Jason Jordan of USA Today High School Sports.

There seemed to be a lot of obstacles because of his stint overseas.

Spire Academy was one of the few high schools that agreed to play the youngest Ball brother. Even then, LaMelo was ineligible to play in the highly touted McDonald’s All-American Game and it is debated whether he has any NCAA eligibility now that the season with Spire is over.

It’s sad LaMelo has to suffer through these consequences all based on decisions about where he wants to play basketball and the money he makes on his family’s business, The Big Baller Brand.

Although he’s a very quiet kid, people can tell that all he wants to do is play the game he loves the most and become successful off of it.

Lavar Ball has expectations to see all three of his sons play in the NBA. Lonzo, the oldest brother, has already fulfilled his portion. LiAngelo Ball, the middle brother, is aiming to enter the G-League this summer.

And the road to the NBA will continue for the 17-year-old LaMelo, who appears to have more talent than them all.

LaMelo and his camp have probably been debating — what are the next steps for his life and his game?

If he and his camp are serious about making a statement to the world and letting everyone know that he’s NBA bound, the best and only decision may be for LaMelo Ball to return overseas.

LaMelo will turn 18 in August, so if he can play at least two seasons for a team overseas and continue his development, he would possibly have a better opportunity of entering the draft and making it to the NBA as a top pick.

Many critics will say that the G-League would be a better opportunity, which is where his brother LiAngelo plans on playing to help develop his game, but LaMelo is a bit too skilled to play through the G-League in my opinion.

LaMelo can score whenever he wants and has developed into a great floor general. When he started his career overseas in 2017, it seemed to be a slow start as he was adjusting to how to play with professionals and in a European league. Once he got accustomed to the play of the competitors, he made sure everyone was aware that he is one of the great talents the game has seen.

I want Lamelo to succeed very badly.

It doesn’t make any sense how a kid with this many talents shouldn’t have the opportunity to play the game he loves.

Out of the three Ball brothers, LaMelo has the chance to exceed more expectations than the other two. At this point, it’s just all about what he and his camp believe will be the best chance for him to get into the NBA. I will be on the sidelines rooting for LaMelo and the Big Baller Brand.

I hope that he balls out from here on out.

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I love the Ball family and the Big Baller Brand. I agree with Nick Andre, I want nothing more than to see them succeed as indiviudals and a family.
Furthermore, I agree that LaMelo has the most potential to make a splash. He’s big and athletic. And he clearly has the basketball IQ with a unique resume to boot. LaMelo is tooled to be an exciting 2020 prospect in the off-season. I think he will either be widely anticipated or slip completely under the radar. We will see.
Also in the family news, Lonzo Ball has struggle with Big Baller Brand and the company has temporarily moved offline.
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Special Thanks to Ian Pierno SLAM Magazine for excellent coverage of the Ball family and to Big Baller Brand & the FB show, “Ball in the Family“.

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