Unconditional Love By Flow the DJ Feat Mind.of.El

Unconditional Love, is it too good to be true?

I just want somebody to kick a melody to.

You feeling my rhythm?

I’m feeling your vibe.

Through My Third Eye

Tell the DJ play that song requested.

That makes you feel like you’re my blessing.

Then God come through and shine on you —

Looking like you in the limelight.

Not the love at first sight type.

Might be my first time

You don’t worry bout a brotha and his dolla $igns.

You lookin’ for a brotha with a deeper mind.

I don’t wanna make you mine just because you’re fine.

I ain’t the type.

Don’t believe the hype.

I see much more than a trophy wife.

I can see your purpose is more divine

Telling me your dreams and I told you mine.

Independent woman.

Love the way you grind.

Still puttin’ in work from 5-9.

You do you.

And I do me.

Through the time we bond

Don’t forget your dreams.

And if I see you complacent,

I’ll be your motivation.

What’s the purpose of dating?

If I don’t help you strive for greatness?

Life is like a story.

We just started another chapter

Is this Happily Ever After?

Or is it too good to be true

#UnconditionalLove #FlowFriday

curated by w.d. herstun

#LoveAlways #LetsGrow

Credits & Wildenotes

Written By Flow the DJ. Visual Artist Featured is Mind of El.

Edited By Herstun.

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Pulled together two of my favorites for this #FlowFriday. The Jamerican, Flow the DJ’s rhymes illustrated by Ghanian artist Mind of El who operates El Animation Studio.

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I have no idea whether unconditional love as a concept is too good to be true. Can anyone actually love all of you? For the truth of who you are, totally? And if someone can, in my imagination it would be the equivalent changing your life from that sketch to full color.
I have to believe that unconditional love is a real, viable concept. I know that I feel something akin to it for my daughter. I think that as adults, we wonder if we are redeemable enough to experience the love as pure as we experience as children in the arms of our guardians. When do we run out of chances at unconditional love? Do we ever? Is that the love we seek in God?
Or is it a love we can only provide to ourselves? I have to say that is doubtful considering all I have learned about the power of connection. Nevertheless, the question does stir debate. So what do you think? Is unconditional love too good to be true?
Love this duo? Make sure you check out their debut piece together “Time Flies” exclusively on Herstun FM Readio.

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Flow is a rapper raised in Decatur, GA. He started writing music at the age of 13, recording his 1st song in East Orange, NJ where he would visit for the Summer. He took a brief hiatus from writing music to DJ in college but quickly got back to his roots...

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