2020 Vision Series: Seeing Clearly by Knew

2020 Vision Series — A political analysis of the realities facing the voters ahead of the 2020 Presidential election in America.

The bottom of this article features some steps that will help guide you towards choosing a candidate that represents your interests.

This is the beginning of a series that will seek to inform others from the perspective of a human being.

A human who happens to be a middle-class, Nigerian-American Black guy, school counselor, and civically-engaged voter.

So, let’s take a moment to reflect on the last time around.

I don’t know if I’ve ever hoped harder in my life… It was election night (and morning) of 2016.

My now fiancée, and I were watching live updates on CNN in rural south GA.

I was constantly refreshing my phone to see what updates were coming in from election swing states hoping hard for a Clinton victory.

As a proud member of the #iGuessImWithHer community, I was looking for the Clinton victory that mainstream media had all but guaranteed.

She would be our first woman president.

At least, that was the narrative being pushed across outlets.

In contrast, several independent online media organizations had been raising serious concerns about the Trump/Pence ticket possibly winning.

One of those networks was The Young Turks (TYT), an award-winning online news and talk network that supports progressive liberal ideals.

The Young Turks

[Led by Cenk UygerJohn Iadorola, Ana Kaesparian, Jayar Jackson and a team of liberal analysts]

Pointed out that Trump had a legitimate chance.

The cast of TYT, along with Secular Talk led by Kyle Kulinski, continued bringing awareness to polls by Nate Silver from Five Thirty Eight and other information that softened my confidence in a Clinton victory.

Even with all of that information-

I just didn’t want to believe a reality with President Trump was possible.

 Just so you know, I’m currently a proudER member of the #BernieWouldHaveWon community.

But, in the months leading up to the election, I was hoping that we were #StrongerTogether in opposition to Trump.

I went to sleep shortly after Trump won Pennsylvania, and woke up to disgusting news.

And I have been witnessing and living the nightmare for 3 YEARS.

Shortly after I uttered the word, ‘never’, the new first family took a portrait for the people.

We’re now approaching 2020.

Entering a new election season after a successful 2018 primary, resulting in a net gain of nearly 40 Democratic seats in the house. This includes several Justice Democrats.**

According to justicedemocrats.com: “We need a Democratic Party that fights for its voters, not just its corporate donors. That’s why we helped elect AOC to Congress. We need leadership in the Democratic party that will represent and fight for our communities.”

The site goes on to claim three major political issues the Justice Democrats highlight – Medicare for All, Green New Deal, and Racial Justice.

We’re now preparing for an election with more at stake than we’ve had in recent history.

Our government is being sold to the highest bidder.

But, we do have hope.

  • American democracy is being threatened by various forms of legalized bribery.
  • Wealth and income gaps are ridiculously high.
  • Inflation continues to rise while wage growth has essentially remained stagnant for at least the past four decades.
  • Anti-black and various forms of racism and social marginalization continue to be soundly rooted in the structure of our society.
  • Student loan debt is ridiculously high and affecting other sectors like housing, health, and employment.
  • Rates of suicide and overdoses from opioid have consistently increasing.  
  • And our economy is giving off the illusion that we’re all doing better than we actually are.
AND STILL, Trump claims that he is an amazing leader; HE is the ONLY source of protection in the scary complex world; AND at least 30 – 40% of americans still believe that.
No matter what contradictory words and actions he displays.

There are great challenges that lie ahead.

The 2020 election is an opportunity to continue the course-correction amplified by Bernie Sanders in 2016.

It’s an opportunity to bring more attention to the countless people working in front of and behind the scenes to make our country greater than it has ever been.

And people like self-described progressive capitalist, Senator Ro Khanna and Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Ayanna Presley, Rashida Tlaib, Parmiya Jayapal, and long-serving Representative Barbara Lee have already been disrupting business as usual.

Also, groups like the Justice Democrats are actively working to put people in position to do even more.

However, I do want us all to be able to effectively explain why we believe what we do, and how we arrived at our conclusions.

You don’t have to agree with what I believe.

Here are a few things to help identify what’s most important as we look for the right candidate in 2020:
  1. Clarify your own needs/values – Start by looking at the problems you experience daily. Identify patterns of experience that you want more/or less of. What’s most important in your life?
  2. Consider the needs and values of those closest to you and other members of our society — especially those members who come from historically disadvantaged groups
    • (e.g. people who are Black, indigenous, and other people of color; women; transgender or belong to another gender minority group; lesbian, gay, or bisexual; poor and/or low-wage earners; belong to a religious minority group; immigrants especially those who are undocumented; living with a physical/mental disability or mental illness, etc.). Remember that we are all people first.
  3. Consider your identity and group memberships. Also think about the positive and negative ways that past and current legislation has impacted people in your group as well as our society as a whole.
  4. Clarify your political identity and beliefs.
  5. Identify candidates who sound good to your values.
  6. Figure out where you and the candidates you wish to support stand on each issue –instead of just voting down party lines.
  7. Find out what policies candidates will FIGHT for. What causes will you and your candidate continue to champion even when things get uncomfy or dangerous?
  8. Stay informed by diversifying your sources of information. There are more perspectives than what’s shared on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.
Here are three things you can take 5 minutes to do right now to help you identify the right candidate for you:
  1. #1 – 5. Visit politicalcompass.org to help you with #1 – 5. It’s a poll of sorts that will help you clarify where you fall on social and economic issues.
  2. #6 – 8. On June 8, 2019, TYT hosted their Revolution Rally in Iowa where Cenk Uygur announced, during a fiery speech, the Progressive Economic Pledge; it has five clear pillars that I believe we all should be fighting for! Take a moment to check it out then talk about it with someone. Click here to view the pledge.
    • What if I disagree? You may not agree with some or all of it, which is fine. How can you use the information to clarify what you do agree with?
    • What if I agree? If you agree with all of it, then sign and share it!
  3. #6 – 8. Follow one or more of these networks on YouTube and SM to diversify your sources of info, stay informed, and support media that operates independently from the corporate money that heavily influences mainstream media outlets:
    1. TYT w/Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasperian, John Iadorola, Jayar Jackson, & more — Subs: 4.3M+ | Views: 4.7B+
    2. Secular Talk w/Kyle Kulinski — Subs: 678K+ | Views: 556M+
    3. The David Pakman Show — Subs: 661K+ | Views: 436M+
    4. The Majority Report w/Sam Seeder — Subs: 570K+ | Views: 225M+
    5. The Humanist Report w/Mike Figueredo — Subs: 234K+ | Views: 60M+
    6. The Rational National w/David Doel — Subs: 198K+ | Views: 29M+
    7. The Benjamin Dixon Show — Subs: 27K+ | Views: 5M+ | Human and political commentator who happens to be Black and a man
    8. LTMB (Let the Madness Begin) — Subs: 15K+ | Views: 1M+ | Humans and political commentators who happen to be Black and men

Last updated 6/12/2019 | Numbers represent YouTube Subs (Subscribers) & Views | K = Thousand, M = Million, B = Billion


This is the beginning of a series of political and economic analysis that will seek to inform others from the perspective of a human being.

A human who happens to be a middle-class, Nigerian-American Black guy, school counselor, and civically-engaged voter.

As always… Think DIF.

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

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Credits & Wildenotes

Written By Jay Knew. Edited By Herstun.

I always learn a ton when I work with Knew. This article is no different. It took a couple of days to do all of the sourcing accurately, but if you made it all the way to this point, then you learned a lot about the American political process over the last few years from the perspective of a progressive.
My constant thought when reading this was, I wonder if this is how young conservatives felt under Obama’s administration. Perhaps, they could not believe the country would elect a man that appeared so un-American on the surface. Maybe, in their own sheltered views, they really believed that Obama was no good for this country, then turned around and backed their data up with information from conservative news sources.
I love the news sources Jay Knew presented but independent does not mean – uninfluenced news source. Obviously, the Young Turks and the Justice Democrats are progressively-minded and ready to shuttle this country into the next millennia. But we know that there are so many Americans still nostalgic about what our country once was.
And regardless of how racist, sexist, or non-inclusive that is, I wonder how they cope when they see the intelligent, young, and capable brown and black faces appearing in places and not disappearing. How do they feel? Dispossessed? Included? Scared? Excited?
Intriguing thoughts with Jay Knew this Tuesday. Can’t wait to hear more from the Vision 2020 series!!

*All political views expressed above are representative of Jay Knew, not the Herstun Writer.

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